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How Linux is Expanding the Oracle Cloud

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Linux is driving and expanding Oracle's cloud services. 

A lot has been said about Linux and its benefits.  Linux can help you get a stable, modern, multi-user environment on your personal computer.  It comes at no cost or at very low costs and it is as powerful as proprietary operating systems such as Microsoft’s Windows.  It is considered to be the best UNIX iteration out there, and is highly flexible, portable and powerful.

Linux is also very advanced when it comes to its graphical user interface and it comes with a lot of free applications, tools, applets and programs that you could use.   It also has a lot of capabilities built into its system.  For example, Linux’s networking capability comes right out of the box.

Because of Linux’s open nature, there are no major viruses, backdoors, and privacy or security issues.  You are also not slaved by proprietary file formats, forced upgrades and vendor lock in.  All the while, you get to enjoy the best programs, patches and updates, written by the community.

Linux also developed pretty fast over the years.  Each improvement is based on the previous versions and there would always be other people who would check the quality of your code.

If you think that Linux is already great, wait until you hear how it is expanding Oracle’s cloud offerings.  As you may know, Oracle is moving into the cloud right now with its 12c products, as well as its cloud services in order to stay relevant in a marketplace that is increasingly looking for providers who can take them into the cloud and help them enjoy its varied benefits.

And Linux powers Oracle’s cloud offerings.  These are just some things you need to consider when thinking about Linux and how it is expanding Oracle’s cloud services.

1.     Linux has been around for more than 20 years.  Only a few others could claim longevity in the IT industry, and Linux definitely has that staying power.

2.     Oracle fully supports Linux and is currently fortifying and enhancing its own Oracle Linux.

3.     Linux has powered Oracle Database starting from 1998 onwards.  This includes the latest design for the cloud Oracle 12c.

4.     Oracle has been heavily investing in Linux innovations.  In fact, Linux helps Oracle products work together, including Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Database Appliance, among others.

The short answer to how Linux is driving and expanding Oracle’s cloud services is that, aside from actually offering its own Linux flavor on various cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services Cloud, its own software offerings are also based on it.  Oracle is prime example of a company that is reaping from the benefits that Linux can provide.

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