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Mobility, Cloud, App and Big Data: The Oracle Way

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 BYOD, mobility, cloud services, big data and apps, always know that you can rely on Oracle for your needs. 

Check out any list of hot trends in enterprise technology and you would undoubtedly come across four technologies: mobility, cloud, apps and big data.  Another similarity among these four is that Oracle is able to help you use and manage them.

The premise is simple: if a technology has the power to change the way you do business, Oracle is into that.  Oracle has released a study that involved C-level executives and it showed that around 46% of them think that mobile computing will deliver the most business value for the companies.  One in every three said that it was cloud computing, while 14 per cent said that it was big data.

And so it just makes sense that they should get into these emerging tech.  How do they do it?  It is either they built it from the ground up or update their software to better handle these technology.  Or buy a company that is a leader in the tech.

Oracle has been known as an innovative market leader.  They came up with a relational database that helped a lot of companies do more with their data without being limited to their mainframe systems.  The change has allowed companies to come up with better and more functional business applications.  Over time, Oracle maintained their leadership because they were bigger than every one of their competitors and backed by an aggressive sales team.  Then, as they realized they were lagging behind on some areas of IT, they bought companies that could either augment their existing team or provided these companies with new technologies to broaden their offerings and helped them stay competitive.

And it is the reason why Oracle has snatched up companies such as enterprise security startup Bitzer Mobile, private cloud infrastructure management software maker Nimbula, CPQ solution provider BigMachines, cloud-based intelligence solutions company Collective Intellect, and content marketing providers Responsys, Eloqua, Compendium and BlueKai.  It also bought Market2Lead and BEA Systems for applications.

This is not to say that the company is resting on its laurels.  Oracle is big on enhancements.  They have been constantly improving on their mobility, app, big data and cloud software to include new features and functionalities.  This makes Oracle’s products very flexible and robust.  And your work becomes easier as well. Because Oracle products basically share the same technology stack and employs the same best practices, it is easy to tie all of these disparate technologies that are converging over time.  It also allows you to maximize your investments.

So the next time you find yourself thinking about BYOD, mobility, cloud services, big data and apps, always know that you can rely on Oracle for your needs.  Just as you can rely on Four Cornerstone to provide you with all the things you need when it comes to Oracle products.  We have a team of Oracle certified experts with years of experience who can help you with anything from licensing to deployment to maintenance and fine-tuning.  If you need to train your IT personnel, Four Cornerstone can help you with that as well.  We are just a phone call away. Contact us now!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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