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Modern Marketing with Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Oracle Marketing Cloud has new features that help companies connect customer data that are available in several digital channels and device.

When the competition gets tougher, the secret ingredient to better customer engagement and more stable profit is to have a comprehensive view of your customers. This will allow you to design strategic marketing programs and campaigns that are properly aligned with your customers’ individual preferences and needs.

To achieve this, you need a modern marketing technology.

Oracle Marketing Cloud delivers this functionality, and more.

With the recent enhancements made by Oracle to their Marketing Cloud, the product now boasts of new features such as Oracle ID Graph, AppCloud Connect and Rapid Retargeter.

    • Oracle ID Graph
      This feature allows marketers to connect the dots in terms of the numerous identities and records a single customer may have in disparate online channels and devices. With this functionality, the companies will be able to bring together the identity of a customer who is interacting with the same company through different touch points. This new capability of Marketing Cloud enables businesses to design a more personalized and consistent buying experience. After all, a unified data is essential for a successful marketing campaign.
    • Rapid Retargeter
      This functionality allows marketers to attune customer communications when they happen and quickly delivers a reminder or relevant message for a shopper’s complete buying experience. For example, when an online shopper got distracted and then stopped his or her shopping activity, the marketer can straight away send an email reminding him or her of the shopping cart’s contents.
  • AppCloud Connect
    Oracle’s new AppCloud Connect enables enterprises and marketing technology vendors to optimize and take advantage of their applications within the context of Oracle Marketing Cloud. This feature offers a framework for companies to create, install and activate marketing applications that can be flawlessly integrated into the Oracle Marketing Cloud.
  • Data Management features
    Oracle Marketing Cloud has two new features that help companies connect customer data that are available in several digital channels and device. This tool allows for better customer targeting and more personalized customer experience. This way, companies can deliver real value to end-users.
  1. New Lookalike Modeling is designed to make it easy and scalable for companies to find customers. This functionality allows the marketers to transfer audience data into the data management platform, which helps qualify prospects and leads based on the customers’ behavior and interests.
  2. On-Demand On-Board is a new analytics tool that allows marketers to have a better view of customers, helping marketers optimize the customer experience and thereby increasing conversion rates. This functionality also supports improved customer segmentation and targeting.


What’s more, Oracle Marketing Cloud is integrated with the company’s Commerce and WebCenter Sites products. This unique functionality is in line with Oracle’s goal to unify the platforms and processes that affect customer experience. As a result, a more consistent branding and messaging is achieved.

Are you a modern marketer who wants to leverage on this modern marketing technology? Contact Four Cornerstone to find out more about Oracle Marketing Cloud. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas will help you transform your marketing efforts and strategies to target, engage, analyze and convert prospects.

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