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Why You Need Move to Oracle 12c?

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Oracle 12c is the way for a better efficiency and productivity.

Considered as the next level for Oracle Database users, you may have questions on what is new with Oracle 12c. Let us help you decide. Below are the top nine reasons why you should move to Oracle 12c. Read on.

    1. Multitenant Architecture, the most significant and anticipated feature of Oracle 12c, will soon be the primary architecture that all versions of Oracle Database will use in the future. Oracle has been prepping up for this radical change.
    2. The Oracle 11g Database Administration Guide has 35 chapters — enough to manage a whole system efficiently in the past. With Oracle 12c’s Multitenant Architecture, 11 new chapters will be introduced, all of which are dedicated to Multitenant Architecture alone. Expect an elevated and whole new experience in Oracle 12c.
  1. Shifting to using only container databases has been anticipated by a lot of users in the past, expecting it to happen in the next Oracle release or so. Oracle unexpectedly released it in Oracle 12c, seeing that the conditions really demand to shift to a more powerful architecture as soon as possible. In Oracle 12c, non-container databases (single tenant) were disliked.
  2. Oracle 12c features a new class of views called CDB views. CBD views had to be created for the new architecture. These are now contained in 2,415 data dictionary views. Oracle has a three-day class dedicated to these.
  3. So what exactly is Multitenant Architecture, and why do you have to take advantage of it? First, Multitenant Architecture does away with all the dilemmas of data consolidation. With this feature, a non-container database converted to a pluggable database and made a part of a container database will now run without further modification.
  4. Data consolidation is useless if there are security and stability issues to consider. Oracle 12c takes away these worries with new level of security. In Oracle 12c, each application can now be isolated in its own database. Users can be created only for that application and the privileges are limited only to that application.
  5. Administration has now been streamlined to increase efficiency. A single patch can be applied that affects all the databases within the container. An entire group can be protected by a single Data Guard instance. Backing up has now become easier as the entire group of databases can be backed up as a single group.  Moreover, a single command is necessary to make scripts and programs run against all databases in the group.
  6. Using only a few commands from SQL*Plus or any other GUI tool, new databases can be created, and existing databases can be cloned without further hassles.
  7. New features in the Resource Manager can now allow resources to be allocated to each pluggable database in the container.

Oracle 12c is the way for a better efficiency and productivity. If you need assistance using or installing Oracle 12c, Four Cornerstone can help. Our team of experts is very capable. Just contact us through our contact page. Take advantage of these opportunities and keep up.

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