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Will You Move to Oracle’s Database as a Service?

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Its complete portfolio of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the fact that Oracle runs its own cloud products in its own database make the company a better option.

There has been a great buzz going around the cloud computing environment. The cloud services market is growing fast as many organizations continue to move to the said platform. Are you one of them?

Undeniably, there are many companies who are still using legacy applications on their on-premise relational database. Could it be cloud computing’s security issues that are driving them away from embracing the cloud?

Fortunately, Oracle is making it easier for organizations to decide to move to the cloud with their Database as a Service (DaaS), a flexible and secure database in the cloud. Oracle DaaS is a fully functional database platform that enables any Oracle application to be installed on top of it. Considered a simple and fast solution, Oracle DaaS allows organizations to move to the cloud environment at a push of a button and get things started immediately. A robust solution, customers can move their applications to the cloud without the need to change or add a single line of code.

Oracle DaaS is a powerful platform that boasts of multi-tenancy, in-memory big data analytics, mobility features, social features, and security. Moreover, when applications move to the cloud, they will automatically be modernized and will inherit these features.

The platform has the full functionality of an Oracle Database in the on-premise version. Oracle DaaS is a flexible solution offering many options, including 11g or 12c database editions in a virtual machine.

With such a flexible platform, customers can have the opportunity to move their applications from on-premise database to the cloud, or back to the previous platform again as needed. Some companies perform their development and testing in the cloud computing environment, and run the applications in their data center.

Oracle Database as a Service is a cheaper alternative than running a database on-premise or on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). It is because Oracle DaaS does not require capital expenditure and has reduced ongoing costs. The platform also allows for automatic provisioning, backup, and recovery, among other valuable services.

A market leader in the database market

With a revenue share of 48.3%, Oracle is undoubtedly the leader in the relationship database market as it holds a larger revenue share than all its competitors. Leveraging on this achievement, Oracle runs its cloud products on its own database.

Established organizations have seen the advantages and benefits of the new Oracle Database platform in the cloud and have partnered with Oracle to deploy their applications. Big names, such as Salesforce.com and SAP, have installed their applications on Oracle’s 12c database version.

As such, more companies are expected to move to the cloud. A dominant player and with an established reputation in the database industry, Oracle will continue to win the trust and confidence of many organizations. Its complete portfolio of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the fact that Oracle runs its own cloud products in its own database make the company a better option than the other offerings in the market.

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