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The New MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release: Can process 650,000 queries and deliver 1 million queries per second

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MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release
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Both your business needs and the technology that supports these needs are always changing, so it follows that your database does change, too.  The good news is that if you are using Oracle products and software, you are sure that some of the world’s best programmers and engineers are working hard to help keep you abreast of these changes.  One prime example is MySQL.

On September 25, 2014, Oracle has revealed that it will be coming out with MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release.  The new release would help you be in a better position to meet the requirements of your cloud and Web environments, as well as of your embedded applications.  It will also give you improvements on the scalability, the reliability and the performance of MySQL.

Furthermore, MySQL would also be easier to manage now.

MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release Improvements

Oracle says that the MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release will see the following improvements:

  1. In scalability and performance: The introduction of the MySQL optimizer dynamic cost model (which would help users get more control) and an improved query performance.  It will also have an enhanced InnoDB performance for faster bulk load and online operations.  Additionally, you have improvements in schema and replication performance.  According to Oracle, MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release can process close to 650,000 queries in a second, doubling the QPS performance of MySQL 5.6.  It also delivers at least a million queries per second to InnoDB using Memcached, which is more than six times the performance of MySQL 5.6.
  1. In manageability: MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release now makes use of a global data dictionary that helps enhance both query performance and manageability.  What’s more, the partitioning is improved so that you can easily and quickly move your database partitions.  You also get better support for your spatial data because of improvements in GIS, while also getting replication GTID enhancements and better support for Oracle Linux 7.

Other features that have been improved

MySQL Fabric now uses OpenStack to provision servers.  It also has new sharding keys to work with.

MySQL Workbench can now migrate databases from Microsoft Access so that Access users can easily move their data to MySQL.  There are also improvements in visual explain and the new GIS data viewer.

MySQL Cluster 7.4 DMR now allows you to replicate between clusters easily because conflict is detected and resolved automatically using active-active replication.  It also explores more cores in a single node.  Furthermore, you would surely appreciate the operational improvements here, allowing you to do your maintenance faster and have better reporting capabilities.

All of these are available for download from the MySQL Developer Zone starting on September 29, 2014.

Want to learn more about MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release and the changes it brings compared to MySQL 5.6?  Then call Four Cornerstone at +1 (817) 377-1144. Four Cornerstone can help you test, evaluate and eventually deploy MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release to help you get ahead of your competitors.

Screenshot courtesy of Mikael Ronstrom.

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