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MySQL Cluster CGE: What you need to know

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The MySQL Cluster architecture is designed for high scalability and 99.999% availability with SQL and NoSQL APIs.

MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) gives you an ACID-compliant, real-time and scalable database that is highly available.  It also uses open source technology.

But why should you use MySQL Cluster CGE?  Here are some of its benefits:

  • High availability

You get to enjoy almost zero downtime, thus allowing you to run even the most resource-hogging applications for the enterprise, Web and telecommunication.

  • Automatic sharding for better scalability

MySQL Cluster CGE automatically partitions your tables across different nodes.  This will allow your database to effortlessly scale horizontally at a very low cost.

Also, MySQL cluster will be able to backup data across different data centers.  It does not matter if the clusters are still receiving data; it will still be accurately replicated.

  • High performance

MySQL Cluster CGE guarantees real-time performance for your database.  It is proven that the MySQL Cluster can do 4.3 billion reads and 1.2 billion transactional writes in a minute.  This makes it perfect for just about any application you need to run for your business!

NoSQL and MySQL compatibility

MySQL Cluster CGE allows you to use both noSQL and relational databases.  You can have concurrent access to the database using both technologies and allows you to cut costs, complexity and risk.

By using APIs, you can use different interfaces to work with your database.  These NoSQL and SQL APIs can work together and access the same data sets at the same time.

MySQL Cluster Manager

The MySQL Cluster Manager can help you create and manage your MySQL Cluster CGE databases easily.  It helps you automate common management tasks leaving you free to do other more pressing tasks.  What’s more, you can have MySQL Cluster Manager monitor and recover your databases when needed. It also ensures high availability.

The best news is that it comes free with MySQL Cluster CGE! What more can you ask for?

MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer

The MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer can help take away the headaches in installing, configuring and provisioning your MySQL Cluster installations.

What’s more, you can do all these using a browser-based graphical user interface.

The MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer will take you through different stages of cluster creation, so you get highly-optimized MySQL Cluster according to your application’s requirements as well as hardware resources you have available.

With MySQL Cluster CGE, you also get:

Quick and Easy Geographic Replications

Multiple clusters are spread over different servers across the country and the world.  This is important when it comes to disaster recovery.

Online Schema Upgrades and Scaling

MySQL Cluster CGE provides you a way to add nodes and update your database schema even when it is online and in use.  This will ensure that you can easily plug in your changing workloads without having to take the database down.

Four Cornerstone can help you install, configure and run MySQL Cluster CGE, without the wait, the hassles and the learning curve.  Join the ranks of Zynga, Big Fish, AT&T, Zillow, the United States Navy, PayPal, Alcatel-Lucent, NEC and other globally recognized companies that are using MySQL Cluster CGE today.

Four Cornerstone can help you with every Oracle and MySQL need that you have. What are you waiting for?

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