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MySQL Embedded: Full-featured, low-cost and highly-available database with no administration required

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MySQL Embedded is the best choice for software as a service (SaaS) provider, owing to the many strong points of MySQL as a cloud and Web database.

MySQL Embedded gives you a full-featured database with absolutely no administration required.  This means that you get everything that you need and expect out of a database without the hassles.  Sounds good?  Yes it is and Oracle has at least 3,000 original equipment manufacturers, value added resellers and independent software vendors who are currently relying on MySQL Embedded to offer their products and become more competitive.  That list includes Autodesk, GE, OpenText, SAS, Hitachi, NCR, SonicWall and McAfee, among others.

MySQL is backed by Oracle, giving users a better platform.  Oracle is credited with the best quality and frequency of MySQL releases.  The company improved on MySQL’s strengths in scalability, availability, ease of use and performance. It also added in capabilities, such as partitioning, user authentication, NoSQL options, thread pooling and hot backup, among others.

MySQL offers these vendors very low costs throughout the entire lifecycle, giving them more leeway and resources to go to product improvement and differentiation.  These cost savings come from reduced license costs, quicker development and shorter time to market, and easier installation, deployment and absolutely no administration.

Indeed, if you distribute MySQL Embedded with your products, you can drastically lower your prices.  Databases can prove to be very expensive so having a low-cost solution such as MySQL Embedded will help your customers. This is because they will not purchase, install, set up, deploy, maintain, tune and administer the database.  And because your customers no longer need to select a database, then your sales cycles are shorter and you can also be more competitive.  But most importantly, you are offering customers a low cost solution without sacrificing anything in terms of performance, availability, scalability and other factors, so you are guaranteed to satisfy your clienteles.  There will be less support calls, engineering costs and quality assurance issues to deal with!

What’s more, with MySQL Embedded, you really do not have to choose between SQL and NoSQL – you can use both.  And if you are using Windows, you would be glad to know that Oracle has been investing in making MySQL Embedded work better on Windows. Such improvements include better performance, the development of MySQL Connector for .NET applications, MySQL installer for Windows machines, MySQL for Excel and other Windows-related tools.

On top of availability, scalability and performance, you also get best in class data security and protection with MySQL Embedded.  MySQL Embedded can help you avoid data loss while also helping you ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. It uses several tools for data protection and data security including InnoDB transactional storage engine, which gives you ACID compliant transactions, multiversion currency control and foreign keys.  It performs hot backups and external authentication for Windows or LDAP. MySQL Embedded can also help you with audits.

MySQL Embedded is the best choice for software as a service (SaaS) provider, owing to the many strong points of MySQL as a cloud and Web database.

Check out more features and benefits of MySQL Embedded when you talk to the Oracle experts at Four Cornerstone.  Call us at 1 (817) 377 1144 and find out how to make your systems even more convenient with Oracle!

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