MySQL Enterprise Backup: Benefits and Other Features

49x Better Performance: Backup.

There are several ways wherein you could automatically or manually backup your data.  It would largely depend on the platform you use.  Like, do you want to be able to automatically backup your MySQL database to Amazon S3 or on Linux systems?  Or get software such as AutoMySQLBackup?  Furthermore, you could use the mysqldump command or use an XML file or via SSH.

However, if you want a better solution for your backup and recovery needs, look at MySQL Enterprise Backup.

The Benefits of Using MySQL Enterprise Backup

Why should you use MySQL Enterprise Backup?

No downtimes for your backups.

When you, your employees, your customers or your Web site visitors rely on your MySQL databases, there is simply no way a downtime would be welcome.  The problem is that most backups need you to take your database down to be sure that you can back everything up.

But MySQL Enterprise Backup allows you to do what is called “hot backups.”  A hot backup is when your data is backed up although it is still accessible to various users.

Unlike other hot backup solutions in the market, MySQL Enterprise Backup can ensure reliable and efficient backups for your InnoDB tables, as well as tables from a host of storage engines.

Cut costs.

One of the problems that most database administrators or DBAs face when it comes to backups is that they often need big storage to keep the backups in.

Not with MySQL Enterprise Backup!

MySQL Enterprise Backup uses superior compression that allows you to reduce your storage requirements by as much as 90%.

Save time.

MySQL Enterprise Backup allows you to save time you spend in backing up your data by ensuring high-performance backups and recovery.  You can also do incremental backups, where you only backup data that have changed since your last backup.  It could also do partial backups, allowing you to specify only certain tablespaces and tables.

At the same time, you could do a partial restore, and recover only to a specific point in time.


When it comes to being flexible, nothing beats MySQL Enterprise Backup.  It allows you to backup to and restore from a separate location. It also enables you to backup tape and other storage solutions.

What’s more, MySQL Enterprise Backup can be applied on any platform you are using, i.e., Windows, Mac, Solaris or Linux.

Other features of MySQL Enterprise Backup

With MySQL Enterprise Backup, you can:

  • Improve performance by optimizing OS buffers
  • Export specific tables
  • Detect page checksums and corruptions
  • Detect low disk space and gives you suggestions on what to do to free up more space
  • Get increased performance and lower risks by running outside the process space used by MySQL
  • Schedule your backups easily with its scriptable interface

Four Cornerstone allows you to gain all of these benefits when it comes to your backup and recovery needs.

Our team of experts has proven know-how and skills in everything related to Oracle MySQL.  From helping you achieve high availability and scalability to ensuring security and, yes, enterprise backup solutions, you can trust Four Cornerstone to do it for you.

Photo by MySQL.

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