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MySQL Enterprise Backup: The features and benefits it can give to your enterprise

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MySQL Enterprise Backup offers 49x better backup and 80x better restore performance.

Today’s businesses rely on their databases for just about everything, from customer service, to sales and marketing, to human resources, to operations.  As such, businesses would need applications that would enable them to access data from their databases.  And these databases should be able to gather data efficiently and completely.

It is also important that these applications and databases be always available.  Can you imagine if your database goes offline even for half an hour or perhaps a day?  Can you calculate the losses that you stand to incur from this downtime?

You would also need to be able to manage increasingly larger volumes of data.  Your database will be getting more data from different sources, some of which you have never even anticipated before.  For example, you can now get mobile and social data, and you would need to be able to store these.  This situation gives rise to more problems on how to use your available storage wisely, as well as problems on storage costs in the future.

Other things you have to worry about include accidental data loss, corruption of your data, crashes that happen to your operating system or hardware, and other events that could leave your database offline.

If your database is crucial to your operations, you would need to ensure that you have adequate, effective, efficient, timely and regular backup and recovery procedures in place.  And this is where MySQL Enterprise Backup can help your business.

Have more backup and recovery functionalities

With MySQL Enterprise Backup, you can get more in terms of backup and recovery functionality and features.  If you are using current MySQL backup tools, you will certainly love the improvements that you would see in the Enterprise edition.

You can back your data up even while you are online.  And you are not limited in the sense that you can do an incremental backup, a partial backup or a full backup as you wish.  And for disaster recovery, you can do a full restore, a point in time recovery, a roll forward recovery or a partial restore.  You can also use a different location to restore your files.

In short, MySQL Enterprise Backup is definitely very flexible and can meet any requirement that you may have according to what you need.  But that’s not all.

More advanced features

Check out the advanced features that MySQL Enterprise Backup can give you:

  1. Save up on storage space.  You can save 90% of your storage by compressing your InnoDB files backup to up to more than 90%.
  2. Detect corruption. MySQL Enterprise Backup can check page checksums to ensure that your InnoDB log files and data are backed up correctly.
  3. Synchronizes tasks. You can enable “point in time” task synchronization with your backups.

You also get to enjoy faster backups and restores.  Experience backups that are thrice as fast as mysqldump and restorations of around 16 times faster than mysqldump.

MySQL Enterprise Backup is also platform agnostic, you can use it with Windows, Mac, Unix or Linux. It is also scalable, meaning it does not look at the database size to work.

In short, MySQL Enterprise Backup allows you to solve all your backup, restoration and data storage challenges all in one package.  Contact Four Cornerstone now to find out how you could implement MySQL Enterprise Backup and enjoy its benefits.

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