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MySQL Enterprise Helps You Comply with GDPR

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With the GDPR in place, companies are expected to increase their security.

The European Union’s new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is now in full effect. By now, you should have implemented the changes in your people, processes, and even your technical controls. But did you also check how Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition helps you to better adopt the assessment, prevention, and detection controls set forth by the GDPR?

GDPR aims to standardize the different data privacy laws that are enforced by each country in the European Union. Around two decades ago, the EU introduced the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. The problem was that the directive allowed each member state to have their own interpretations and come up with their own laws. The result was that member states each had their own privacy laws and that made implementation a whole lot more complex than it should have been.

What’s more, there has been an increase in the number of security breaches, thanks to the effects of globalization and the rapid rate in which technology has changed and in which new developments have been introduced. All of these prodded the EU to come up with the General Data Protection Regulation.
In short, GDPR updates the old data privacy law to take into consideration the new technological developments and the current technological landscape, as well as having a uniform set of policies for all EU member states to follow.

If that is not a motivation for you to comply, you might want to know that fines and penalties for not complying with GDPR rules are pretty steep. You are expected to pay 20 million euros or around 4% of your yearly global turnover.

With the GDPR in place, companies are expected to increase their security, be able to monitor their databases and applications, and make it more apparent that they care about protecting their customers’ personal data.

MySQL Enterprise Edition can help.

MySQL Enterprise Edition has several features that can help you protect personal data. The security components include:

  • MySQL Enterprise Audit
  • MySQL Enterprise Authentication
  • MySQL Enterprise Encryption
  • MySQL Enterprise Firewall
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor
  • MySQL Transparent Data Encryption

MySQL has come up with several innovations that touch on security. It has years of experience in making sure that their database is safe from attacks coming from a variety of threat vectors. As such, you can make it easier and faster to adopt GDPR requirements by using MySQL.

Not only that, you also have very minimal overhead and deployment is rather simple.   Everything is also very transparent.

More than these, MySQL Enterprise Security can also meet other security requirements set forth by the GDPR, and even spot security loopholes that are not covered by the GDPR. In fact, MySQL Enterprise Security can also help you address issues and compliance requirements that are put down by the
Network and Infrastructure Directive, in their new security directives.

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Using MySQL Enterprise Edition, or even opting to move to the MySQL Oracle Cloud Managed Service, you can get a head start into making sure that the personally identifiable data you keep are kept safe, along with your business data and other sensitive information.

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