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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 101

MySQL Enterprise Monitor provides real-time visibility into the performance and availability of all your MySQL databases.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor, as its name suggests, helps you monitor all your MySQL instances and alerts you of any possible problem that it detects.  More than that, it tells you of the best ways to solve these problems and fix the issues.

It can also help you patch security vulnerabilities in your MySQL servers, while also improving replication and giving you better performance.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor helps you oversee your databases, no matter how big they are. It can assist you attend to issues before they become a bigger problem.  It is impossible for anybody to constantly monitor what goes on in a single database without MySQL Enterprise Monitor, what more if you have to keep track of dozens or hundreds of instances?

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a companion product of MySQL Server and is only available on the following editions:

  • MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition (CGE)

Minimal Setup

The good thing about MySQL Enterprise Monitor is that it is very flexible.  You can install components and configure them according to what your database and network need.  This way, you are not unnecessarily taxing your machine’s resources while getting the most reliable and responsive monitoring.

A minimal setup includes at least one MySQL instance with a corresponding MySQL Enterprise Agent for each, which will collate all the data.  The data will be sent to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager to be presented through the dashboard.

Benefits of using MySQL Enterprise Monitor

  • Whether you are monitoring a single MySQL instance or a lot of instances, on a single computer or different host machines, you can easily monitor the health of your databases in just one place.
  • You could keep track of more than 600 MySQL and OS variables, as well as all MySQL sessions, replication latency and connections.
  • Real-time checking of master-slave performance.
  • The MySQL Query Analyzer allows you to look at and improve application performance.
  • Autodetect a group to see the replication topologies you have.
  • Alerts you of potential problems before these take your database down.
  • Gives you a visual representation of key metrics and system resources, such as binlog cache efficiency and database transactions.
  • Uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, allowing you to use single sign-on.
  • Enables you to resolve issues faster by allowing you to specify how you handle MySQL, query and OS diagnostics.
  • Allows you to monitor cluster data nodes and also gives you the best practices on how to handle them.

In short, it is like gaining another person on your IT team who would be able to constantly track your MySQL databases, tell you where the problem is, and help you solve it.  This is a very valuable service, considering how important MySQL is in your business, as well as how complicated it can get, especially when you have hundreds of databases to keep track of.

If you do not have the time or the personnel to learn how to implement and run MySQL Enterprise Monitor, then you can rely on Four Cornerstone to do it for you.  Hire an expert within minutes, especially if you do not really want to wait before you could get all these benefits out of MySQL Enterprise Monitor. Contact us now!

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