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MySQL Health Check: Review and optimize your database to its full potential

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With MySQL Health Check, you get the peace of mind that your databases are running smoothly as they should.

If you are running a database, then you need to do a MySQL Health Check regularly.

The MySQL Health Check gives you a technical review of your databases and presents you recommendations for optimizing your deployments.  This benefits you in such a way that you are able to maximize scalability, performance, security and availability.  In short, you can get more out of your MySQL database.

So what are the things that you need to do in a MySQL Health check?

Architecture: Technicians and MySQL experts would review your current database architecture and recommend some ways optimize your design and architecture.

Configuration: The technician would also take a look at your MySQL configuration to see if there are any changes that you need to make depending on the applications that you run.

Performance: A MySQL Health Check would also take a look at the queries you have and SQL code changes would be suggested in order to improve performance.  It also monitors memory usage, including hit ratios, cache and other processes and helps you improve on it by recommending changes.

Disaster recovery and business continuity: The technicians will review your backup configuration to see what needs to be improved for better backup and restore performance.

Security: The technicians will be scouring your MySQL deployment for security vulnerabilities and endorse changes that would close up these vulnerabilities, as well as recommend tighter configurations.  Moreover, you will be briefed on the audit capabilities included in MySQL Enterprise.

Authentication: You will also learn how to use MySQL user authentication along with PAM, Active Directory, LDAP and other authentications models.

Roadmap: The technicians will also take time to discuss your MySQL Roadmap.

What you get with Oracle’s MySQL Health Check

  1. You can expect faster response times for your applications.
  2. You get to efficiently use your hardware.
  3. You get to lower your operating costs.
  4. You can expect far fewer downtimes.
  5. You get the peace of mind that your databases are running smoothly as they should.
  6. You get to avoid problems by identifying issues before they become a headache.
  7. You get a detailed report on what needs to be changed, how to change it and even what other stuff you should do.  We do not just tell you that there is a problem or a potential problem, but we also tell you how to handle or correct it.


So if you are thinking of having your database deployments checked, call Four Cornerstone today!

Four Cornerstone can help your MySQL database administrators, application developers and system administrators deploy MySQL Enterprise Monitor on your premises to make sure that you can perform MySQL Health Checks as often as you need to.  Our team of MySQL experts will also help you review the alerts and help you optimize your schema, tweak your server configuration and check queries and replications.

Four Cornerstone can send our team of MySQL experts to your location, or we could teach you via a Webcast.  Call us today to schedule a MySQL Health Check for your database deployments!

Photo courtesy of Alex E. Proimos.

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