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Nokia’s Edge: Oracle RMAN and Data Guard

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For quite some time, Nokia lorded it over when it comes to mobility technologies.  The company provided a wide variety of mobile devices that let people not only text and call but also watch videos, view images, take photos and perform other functions.  Headquartered in Finland, Nokia also has research and development facilities in 10 countries as well as manufacturing facilities in nine others.

Not surprisingly, Nokia uses Oracle software and products at their offices.  They have nine database administrators taking care of around 900 Oracle Databases internally, including production databases.  The company is able to take advantage of all Oracle Database functionality and features, and has a lot of federated databases.  They also use Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) to back up 99% of their databases.

Maximum Availability Architecture

Nokia has maximum availability architecture that makes use of Oracle Real Application Clusters while also having a disaster recovery plan in place.  They also make use of tiered service level agreements that give them zero downtime and virtually no data lost.  They can recover from tape and disk.  They are also able to manage double failures.  Moreover, they also make use of standby databases, using Oracle OEM to create these databases while using Recovery Manager to duplicate the databases for standby.  The company has hundreds of databases that are cloned or refreshed regularly.

More than this, RMAN also allows them to have a database duplication system that does not use backups and is network-enabled.  This is faster to do and makes creating standby databases much easier.

The Features

The two features below are available to Nokia and other Oracle Database 11g users:

  1. Data Guard – allows you to compress redo traffic that you transmit over the network, plus you get real-time queries to physical standby databases.
  2. Recovery Manager – allows you to configure back up compression between BZIP2 and ZLIB. You can even undo optimization when doing full back up.  You can also back up large data files easily.

As you can see, Nokia does not really have a proprietary software that they use for their databases.  If you are using Oracle Database 11g, you now have access to these features and functionalities.  The only question is, are you taking advantage of them?  Do you even know that these features exist?

Four Cornerstone Can Help You

While it is great that Oracle software has a lot of features and functionality built into it, it can also mean that most users might not even know about them.  In short, it is either they spend on another software to get the same functions they do not know they already have access to, or they are not optimizing their software investments.

Do not let this happen to you.  Work with Four Cornerstone today!

Four Cornerstone has a team of Oracle experts who are updated with all Oracle software features and functionalities.  They can come up with solutions to your business problems and allow you to take full advantage of your Oracle investments and help you avoid overspending.

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Source: Oracle.

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