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How an open, cloud-savvy environment can turn your business around

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Cloud computing enables companies to select only a particular solution to meet their specific business needs

In today’s modern business environment, everybody longs for something more than the traditional workspace. Many employees now prefer an open office environment, without the cubicles and walls that give you disconnected feelings.

This scenario is similar to the technology world. There was a time when the only available solution in the market is walled off from other products and cannot be integrated.

Goodbye, legacy systems! Hello, cloud!

Then came cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that revolutionized the technology environment. We see more and more organizations opening up to the trend. As a result, companies experience more connectivity inside and outside the workspace. This connectivity is instrumental in producing offerings that are reflective of the enterprises’ open attitude.

Technology continues to evolve. Information now flows from one system to another without restriction. This development was made possible by the solutions that can be easily integrated into the cloud software model. Cloud computing also enables companies to select only a particular solution to meet their specific business needs – be it enterprise resource management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, or marketing software, among other available solutions. The cloud’s capability to add an application according to the business requirement allows companies to be flexible in embracing different solutions as and when needed.

What the culture of openness can bring to your business

Communication and openness spark employees’ innovative and creative minds. And to support a more collaborative environment, an open technological foundation is needed.

Imagine relevant team members having access to critical business information, and knowing who their new customers are, their expectations and needs. Employees become more inspired to collaborate and play their role more effectively in an open culture supported by a modern, open technology environment. This approach paves the way to more innovations in products and services, which eventually leads to better quality offerings that meet customers’ expectations.

Moreover, with modern technology, companies are able to provide their employees with mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones instead of desktops, creating a more open physical workspace and work culture. Mobile technology does not only bring down the cubicle walls and partitions in the office; it also offers more flexibility to employees. It promotes collaboration and inspires innovation, which could lead to increased productivity.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, technology advancement accelerates at the same speed as the customer’s requirements. However, for your organization to fully reap the benefits of modern technology, you must work with the right partner who can offer you solutions that can be seamlessly integrated.

Many companies have started transforming their work culture alongside the technology evolution. Would you like to be one of them? Contact Four Cornerstone now and learn how your organization can catch up with the evolving tech tools. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas Fort Worth can provide an expert advice on how you can achieve a tech-savvy environment to support your open, collaborative working environment.

Photo courtesy of Jane Boyko.

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