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Optimize Your IT investment with Oracle Financing

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 Financial experts at Oracle can also help you see options you may have missed.

IT investments can easily take up a chunk of your budget and thus pose a lot of difficult questions, such as:  Where do you get money for certain other necessities?  Are your IT investments a capital expenditure or an operational expense?  What will be the total cost of ownership if you go one way or the other?  What is the return on investments?

These questions are very complicated and there is no easy way to answer these.  Fortunately, you can get help from Oracle Financing.

What is Oracle Financing?

Oracle Financing has been providing customers with the insight, experience and expertise that are needed to find out how to best buy IT assets and technology.  Not only that, but businesses can now stagger payments with Oracle Financing’s payment plans.  Thus, Oracle Financing has been helping enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses and even government agencies optimize their investments in IT.

Why should you use Oracle Financing?

Oracle Financing helps you by:

  • Lowering your capital requirements up front.  Oracle Financing allows you to stagger your payments over time with a payment plan.  Having a payment plan also allows you to work on your budget because you know how much you will be paying and when.
  • Helping you predict your budget better.  You can structure your payments over several years, making it easier for you to map these payments to either the benefits received from your IT and software investments or to different department budgets.
  • Simplifying approvals and documentations.  You can do away with a lot of documentations because Oracle Financing has a streamlined approval system and a simple documentation process so that you could get the technology you want without the long paper trail and the hassles.  The result?  Faster approvals and easy-to-read documentation that allows you to get your IT needs as soon as possible!

What all of these means is that you can get the software, services and products as soon as you need them.  You do not have to delay buying the IT assets that you need just because you do not have the money yet.  Oracle Financing can help defer the payments so you can immediately get what you need when you need it. You can use the extra cash or available credit you have for other business strategies and investments.

And mind you, you get a payment plan that is customized to your business.  This way, you are sure that you are comfortable with your payments.  Oracle Financing is very flexible!

Oracle Financing gives you a choice

Financial experts at Oracle can also help you see options you may have missed.  What do you really need?  Do you really need to buy new technology, software or hardware?  Can you lease?  Or could you use IT as a service platform?  This way you know all your options so that you could further optimize your IT investments, as well as work within your capacity and your budget.

Need more help from Oracle Financing? Contact Four Cornerstone now and we’ll give you expert advice on how to avail one. We also offer several Oracle solutions and custom mentoring on all Oracle products and services.

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