How Oracle Database 12c Can Help You into the Cloud

Oracle is using machine learning to revolutionize data management with the introduction of the world’s first autonomous database, delivering more automation for more savings.

As you grow your business, you would need to take a good hard look at your IT and where it is going.  You will need to make an honest assessment to see whether you would be able to take advantage of the new technology coming in or if you would have to ride it out at the expense of getting behind your competitors.

This is the reason why the cloud is suddenly very popular with the biggest enterprises and organizations in the world.  But are you really ready for it?

This is where Oracle Database 12c can help.  It is a very powerful database that is geared towards helping you take advantage of two of the biggest trends in computing today: Big data and cloud computing.  Your IT personnel can easily cut costs by consolidating your various databases and still be able to manage everything simply.

The Oracle Database 12c runs on new technology from Oracle.  More than that, the Oracle 12c has 500 new features and improvements over the previous versions’ features.

Let us focus on cloud computing.

Oracle Database 12c enables you to put together multiple databases in a single multi-tenant container.  It allows you to automatically optimize compression and data storage by basing it on usage patterns. It can help improve your availability, and help secure your data using new and improve security features.  It can also simplify analysis of data within the database.

What all of these mean is that you can now make it easier to deploy your database clouds and manage them.  This helps you give your employees, customers and other stakeholders the ability to take full advantage of the cloud such as cost savings, resource sharing and flexibility in management.  Oracle Database 12c simplifies database consolidation, which paves the way for you to start getting on the cloud.

Before, you have to create and develop your own apps, use server virtualization and create several database instances at once in a single server, or use schema consolidation to combine Oracle databases.  All of these things can prove to be very costly or very complex.

With Oracle Database 12c’s new multi-tenant architecture, it would be like you did a schema-based consolidation without the complexity and without having to change the applications that you are currently using.

You can now manage your various databases as if they were a single database, but still keep these databases autonomous.

Now that you have consolidated databases, you have one foot on the cloud.  However, Oracle Database 12c does not stop there.  It gives you all the things you need to make maintaining these consolidated databases easy and less time consuming.

How exactly does it do that?

  • By allowing you to set resource utilization priorities at the database level for effective management database resources;
  • By giving you fast cloning and provisioning of databases to suit a variety of purposes;
  • By keeping separate databases isolated, including its security access privileges;
  • By helping you manage the growth of your data effectively by offering these database technologies:
    • Oracle Automatic Storage Management
    • Oracle Partitioning
    • Oracle Advanced Compression
    • Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression;
  • By showing you heat maps that help you track usage data in addition to other data optimization features;
  • By allowing you to reduce planned downtime and giving your stakeholders more availability by using Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture.

And that is basically how Oracle Database 12c can help you into the cloud.

Photo by Oracle.

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