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Oracle Active Data Guard: Protect your valuable data with ease

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 Oracle Active Data Guard allows you to get the best data replication solution in the market for your Oracle Database 12c.

When it comes to databases, your most valued asset is the data it stores.  This is the reason why you should protect your data.  And what better way to do this than with Oracle Active Data Guard?

Oracle Active Data Guard gives you real time protection for your data, as well as high availability.  And unlike other data protection solutions available in the market, you do not have to compromise anything!

Oracle Active Data Guard creates a standby database for your primary database without the high cost and complexity associated with such replication.  You can hereby ensure that you would not have any downtime or data loss.  If your primary database goes offline, the standby is instantly used so that you do not lose service.

More than that, Oracle Active Data Guard also validates the data it is replicating.  For example, if there are corrupt data, software defects or system errors in your primary, these are not going to be replicated in the standby database.

Oracle Active Data Guard also automatically detects any form of corruption in your data and also repairs these errors instinctively.

Further, Oracle Active Data Guard is quite easy to use, manage and deploy.

Features you should know about Oracle Active Data Guard

What are the features you should know about Oracle Active Data Guard?

  • Far Sync. Oracle Active Data Guard allows you to create and maintain a standby database anywhere in the world with Far Sync.  This way, you can create a remote standby any time anywhere.
  • Extended offloading to a standby database.  If you worry about having too many redundant standby databases, Oracle Active Data Guard can direct more reporting applications to these, freeing up your primary database from having to process too much load as well as directing read-only workloads to a standby database rather than to the primary.
  • Easier rolling upgrades.  Oracle Active Data Guard makes it easier for you to update your Oracle Database 12c without taking it offline.  In the past, a simple update required a very complex process.  Now with Active Data Guard, most of these steps have been automated.  Without most of the manual steps to upgrading your database, you commit fewer errors!  You get more security, less risks and less downtime too!  What’s more, Oracle Active Data Guard can validate all the changes before you make the upgraded database live.

In short, Oracle Active Data Guard allows you to get the best data replication solution in the market for your Oracle Database 12c without the high costs and complexity of older solutions! Protect your data today.

Four Cornerstone Can Help

If you are using Oracle Database 12c, you simply must consider using Oracle Active Data Guard to help you protect your data more effectively, efficiently and easily, all the while increasing your database’s performance and availability.  Plus, you get to lessen not just your planned downtimes, but also your unplanned ones!

Call Four Cornerstone today to gain these benefits!  Four Cornerstone has a team of Oracle professionals who can help you get Oracle Active Data Guard up and running.  You do not need to wait in order to experience the best data replication system.

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