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Oracle ADF 11g: Create and deploy apps the easy way

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 With Oracle ADF 11g, you can have just one platform that brings together sound architecture, open source technologies and open standards and a bevy of built-in features.

Application development is a critical process for most businesses because it could mean their survival in the future.  However, as the needs of employees and external users change, application development also needs to change.

This is where Oracle ADF 11g comes in.

Oracle claims that ADF 11g is an “end-to-end framework” that makes use of Java and other technologies to accelerate and simplify creating and deploying applications. Simply put, ADF 11g brings together different technologies using its binding layer that can make it easier for you to create, develop and maintain applications that meet your business needs. Oracle ADF makes use of the best practices in application development to help application developers come up with a high performing and secure J2EE Web services and applications.

What are the key benefits of using Oracle ADF 11g?

1.     Rich desktop, mobile and Web user interfaces.

While you can use any backend technology such as JBoss, Java Persistence API, POJO or Placeholder, you will have access to a library with more than 150 Java Server Faces that allow you to have more functionalities, interactivity and features for your applications.  What’s more, ADF makes use of Ajax and HTML5 and can support UIs for desktop and mobile browsers.

2.     Easy drag and drop binding of data.

Oracle ADF 11g allows you to drag and drop operations so that you could bind your user interface to business services easily and quickly.

3.     Create only once.

Oracle ADF allows you to create applications only once and have it delivered through different UIs, such as mobile, Web, desktop and even integrate it with various Microsoft Office programs.

4.     Inherently secure.

When it comes to your applications, you need not worry about security implementations with ADF 11g.  You can implement security at different layers.  What this means is that you can just bind your security policies and constraints to the application roles.  Security in ADF is powered by Oracle Platform Security Services, which also powers Oracle Fusion Middleware.

5.     Easy customization.

ADF comes with a declarative application customization that is based on the company’s metadata repository.  This means that you can easily customize any ADF application just by layering on your changes and customizations.  You do not need to change the original source code.

With Oracle ADF 11g, you can have just one platform that brings together sound architecture, open source technologies and open standards and a bevy of built-in features.  All of these allow you to quickly and easily create top-notch business applications that are based on industry standards.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Four Cornerstone is a leading IT consulting firm that can help you build custom applications for your business using Oracle ADF 11g.  With our team of expert application developers, you can be sure that your applications are agile and flexible enough to meet the ever-changing needs of its users.  Not only that, Four Cornerstone and Oracle ADF 11g allow you to build applications quickly at very low costs!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Four Cornerstone today and find out how we could help you with Oracle 11g and general application development.

Photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee.

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