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Oracle ADF: Why You Should Just Ignore the Others

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Oracle ADF gives you a lot of features and components out of the box.

Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework) is a powerful application development framework for Java.  It gives you a declarative and visual way to develop Java EE and Web standards based applications.  Oracle first came out with ADF in 2004 and has poured a significant amount of money as investment in the product.  This would ensure that Oracle ADF users could expect more out of the software in terms of Oracle’s support and development for the mid or long term.

But more than being able to use Oracle ADF for a long time, there are other reasons why you should use Oracle ADF to develop your applications over several other development frameworks available out there.

The Oracle ADF advantages

  1. First is simply what it can do.  Oracle ADF has both a rich user interface and myriads of functionality out of the box. It has a lot of JSF components (more info here) that are used for presenting and editing your data, page layout and for interaction via popups, drag and drop, partial refresh and server push.  The visualization components help makes it easy to render data in different graphics.  You can also put in complex navigation, reuse composite units and simple components, and apply deep link navigation, customization and personalization.  These are all included in Oracle ADF.
  1. Then you would also appreciate Oracle ADF allowing you to focus on business value.  When you use Oracle ADF, you no longer have to spend time on the generic aspects of your application and rather focus on the functionality that you need for your operations and business.  Oracle ADF lets you forget about the low level details, the plumbing and the common features of your application. This way, you could focus your energy on more important things.  ADF abstracts HTML, CSS, the browser, the device where you render your applications and other components.  For instance, Oracle ADF automatically goes from Flash to HTML 5 to help you display an interactive chart depending on the browser’s capabilities.  And you also do not have to worry about security, exception handling and logging, as all of these come with ADF.
  1. Furthermore, ADF is better in quality than most other Java EE frameworks that are out in the market today.  No development framework is safe from bugs and errors, but ADF has the advantage of coming from Oracle.  So you have a big company backing you up and squashing the bugs for you.  Not only that, Oracle ADF is being used by Oracle itself, so not only are bugs being corrected, but they are also discovered much more quickly by the same people who will need to correct them.  Oracle also has full documentation of ADF and that is updated with each release.
  1. And of course, you would appreciate the speed.  Oracle ADF gives you a lot of features and components out of the box so you can generally implement functionalities into your applications rather quickly.  In fact, even beginners can contribute to your application because Oracle ADF is very declarative and visual.  No heavy manual coding and no more writing codes using a text editor.

If you want to learn more about Oracle ADF, call Four Cornerstone today at 1 (817) 377 1144 and talk to our team of Oracle ADF experts!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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