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What is Oracle Application Express?

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The advantages of using Oracle Apex include the ease in creating mock-ups, ease of deployment, server side validations and processing.

Oracle Application Express, also known as Oracle APEX, allows you to develop software in a development environment that runs within Oracle Database.  You can use it for free within Oracle Database Express Edition, which is also free to use.

If you are running other versions of Oracle Database, you can easily install Oracle Application Express without any costs.

With Oracle Application Express, you can create a very complicated Web application using only a browser from the ground up. THE GOOD NEWS IS: you do not even have to know any programming language.

Application Express provides you with these primary tools:

  • Application Builder, which helps you create dynamic and database-driven applications for the Web!
  • SQL Workshop, which helps you view database objects, run SQL queries on the fly, and helps you build graphical queries.  You would still need a full-fledge SQL Developer to fully access your database objects.
  • Other utilities that help you load and unload data from spreadsheets and flat files, which allow for team development, and that easily manage users and groups.

Develop professional and enterprise applications using your browser

You really do not need to get a client software to do your development. You can use a browser to help you build enterprise applications that allow you to monitor, track and view reports on database information and data.   And mind you, these reports are all linked to relevant reports so that you could get the whole picture.  You can opt to get everything in graphical format, making it easier for you to understand and interpret data.

Oracle APEX is just the perfect tool to use for:

  • Applications that rely heavily on data
  • Online reporting apps
  • Converting your spreadsheet to Web applications that allow users to view and edit them
  • Modernizing your Oracle Forms

Features and Benefits

  • Large community.It has a community with around 400,000 developers and more than 12 consulting companies all around the world, ensuring you that you have themes, tools and plug-ins ready for you to use.
  • Develop and deploy everywhere.You can use your own laptop to create your applications, then import it to any Oracle Database you want.  You can even move your applications to the cloud (and even to your private cloud).
  • Declarative programming.Using Oracle Application Express, you will not have to worry about the source code.  You will work with property sheets and wizards.  But it is flexible enough to allow you to use PL/SQL if you want to write code into your application, while SQL can be used to define charts and reports.
  • Real-time.Your application will be able to give you real-time data.
  • Other advantages of using Oracle Apex include the ease in creating mock-ups, ease of deployment, server side validations and processing.

Oracle APEX does have its drawbacks, such as large installation files, limitations in display and handling of database items, some security issues and other minor stuff.  So if you need help with Oracle Application Express, you can call Four Cornerstone for that.  We can assist you every step of the way from deployment and installation, right down to usage. Four Cornerstone can also train your employees to all things related to Oracle technology.

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