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Oracle Autonomous Database Gets One Heck of a Level-Up

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Oracle Autonomous Database, provisioning and setup are done automatically.

It is no secret that Oracle is dominating the world’s database industry.  People use Oracle’s products to turn ideas into reality, for worry-free deployments, and to get the best tools they can get for their business.

However, Oracle has not stopped innovating and has come out with improvements to their already existing products. That is to say, they do not abandon their customers but instead give them more features, better functionality, and updates.

If you think Oracle Autonomous Cloud is an excellent move for the company, then you would love what they did to improve on it.

Oracle Autonomous Database

If you work with databases and you are in a roomful of people who are clapping, cheering, and applauding a software or a tool, wouldn’t you want to use it?

That is what exactly happened during a developer conference held in Seattle recently. Each speaker was given a five-minute limit to wow the audience.

And Oracle’s Maria Colgan did just that. When she was done with her presentation, around 200 developers were on their feet, giving her a standing ovation.

Oracle Autonomous Database has new built-in development tools

Colgan did nothing extraordinary except to introduce the new built-in development tools that Oracle Autonomous Database possesses.

To wit, she showed that you can now access and use Oracle Application Express, Oracle REST Data Services, and Oracle SQL Developer Web when you launch Oracle Database in the cloud.

It was only in 2018 that the software giant launched the Oracle Autonomous Database. Developers gained a database that will do everything by itself: provisioning, backups, encryption, tuning, updating, and patching.

All that without anybody doing anything. That means that developers had more time to work on their codes instead of administering the database.

You get to set up a database that is now simplified and automated, which also leaves no room for human errors.

The best gets better

If you think that a self-provisioning, self-tuning, and pretty much “self-everything” database is perfection, Oracle has a pleasant surprise for you.

They added the Oracle Application Express, Oracle REST Data Services, and Oracle SQL Developer Web. What’s more, you don’t have to update or download anything. Just launch your Oracle Autonomous Database, and these tools are right there, available from the console.

With the SQL Developer Web, you can easily click and write PL/SQL and SQL. You can also track and manage objects within Autonomous Database. Even data modeling tasks are possible.

Oracle Application Express

If you think that SQL Developer Web is impressive, you should check what the Oracle Application Express could do.

Oracle APEX is currently used by hundreds of thousands of developers from all over the world. It lets you build apps that are scalable and compatible for the enterprise.

Because of its low code requirements, APEX allows you to be more agile and consistent. What’s more, there is no limit to the kinds of solutions that you can create on Oracle APEX. It might be simple visualizations of data you get from your ERP, or it can be as complex as the applications that run factories. Couple these capabilities with Oracle Autonomous Cloud, and you become more agile. If one of your employees has an idea, they don’t need to go to your IT guys, ask them to set everything up.

And of course, everyone who has dealt with IT staff knows that there is a whole lot of waiting involved.

With Oracle Autonomous Database, you just create a database, and it’s already set up. You can then put your ideas to life and asked people to log in and evaluate it.

Another use case for APEX on Oracle Autonomous Cloud is to combine it with REST services. For example, Jonathan Dixon used Oracle REST Data Services with APEX and came up with a way to visualize data from text messages that the audience members sent.

Plugins and extensibility

What’s more exciting is that there are a lot of APEX plugins that are already available. If you stumble upon a plugin that you like, you can add it to the APEX repository. You will be able to use that added plugin as your own.

That makes APEX extendable no matter what type of development you do.


Oracle Autonomous Database runs on Exadata infrastructure. You will be able to save money by being able to enjoy the features of Exadata without needing to buy a compatible machine.

Exadata is offered by Oracle specifically for users who want to get the most out of their Oracle Database. Exadata ensures that your database has all the power it needs to run without hitches.

What’s more, Exadata is inherently secure.

Call Four Cornerstone today and wrap your head around these new developments!

The best thing about working with Oracle is that you can rely on a company that is continually coming out with the latest features and new software created to make your life a whole lot easier. Two years ago, everybody just accepted that if you need a database, you would need to set it up, configure it, and then test it. That database will be prone to errors and misconfigurations.

Today, you have the option to use Oracle Autonomous Database. Provisioning and setup are done automatically. You don’t even have to worry about patches and upgrades. These roll out automatically, as well.

Oracle has also been coming out with new tools for its autonomous database. If you are having a challenging time dealing with every feature that comes out, you can call Four Cornerstone at +1 (817) 377-1144 and gain Oracle experts to support your organization.

On top of knowing what to do and what you need, Four Cornerstone offers training for those companies who like to do these technical tasks themselves.

If it is related to databases, SQL, cloud computing, or just about anything Oracle, you can rely on us to help you.

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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