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Continued performance improvements were one of the top design goals of the new MySQL 5.6 release.

After two years of development, the widely known open source database has been upgraded to MySQL 5.6. Oracle Corporation provides a more enhanced and technologically advanced open source database, which is Oracle MySQL 5.6. MySQL allows users to deliver a high-performance Online Transaction Processing database application at an affordable cost. This popular database is flexible and reliable and runs in most IT platforms, making it an ideal option for the deployment of cloud-base. With its latest version, users are assured to have quicker access on data through Memcached application programming interface (API).

The new Oracle MySQL 5.6 has the ability to help users meet the demanding Cloud, Web, as well embedded application requirements. It also helps developers in enhancing their agility when it comes to optimizing sub-query, online DDL operations and NoSQL access to InnoDB. Also, it helps them improve their ability with Performance Scheme new instrumentation and its better handling.

Oracle MySQL 5.6 actually utilizes Memcached’s API, which is mostly familiar to many system administrators that fetch data directly from the database. Its main approach enables users to deliver data quicker than the previous version. The new feature has some similarities to NoSQL when it comes to executing the DDL or Data Definition Language operations. System administrators are given the option to drop or add column, rename column or alter a certain schema without taking the database offline.

The newly innovated open source database produces comprehensive diagnostics through its expanded explain query. It enables users to have full text searches via index, which allow searches to be done without making a full text searches within large field of text. The newly upgraded Oracle MySQL 5.6 also has global transaction identifiers which help users in simplifying the method of failing-over to backup the enterprise database server. New features in the database replication such as the self-healing replication clusters together with global transaction identifiers utilize a reliable system which automatically identifies and recovers from failures.

Oracle MySQL 5.6 also serves as an aid in leveraging the capabilities of modern hardware with its innovated linear scalability. This enables users to experience a simplified development of its query features. This is beneficial in improviging better application availability and transaction throughout enhanced replication and improved instrumentation as well as flexible NoSQL. This helps in providing protection against possible operational errors such as dropping tables accidentally. Its Workbench also consists of a set of python code, which monitors master-slave database sets. It also has the ability to switch operations automatically to backup server if in case the primary database falls short.

Oracle MySQL 5.6  encompasses enhanced optimizer diagnostics including UPDATE, EXPLAIN for INSERT and DELETE operation features. With its enhanced availability, even if the applications are available for updates, online DDL operations can facilitate DBAs to perform table alterations and add indexes.

Through the innovated open source datable performance schema, users can efficiently monitor most of the resource intensive queries, users, applications and objects. This allows for an easier default configuration. Oracle MySQL 5.6 also includes additional enhancements such as an optimized server defaults, more optimized geographic information systems with precise special operations and enhanced IPv6 compliance.


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