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Oracle Business Process Management: The next big thing in BPM

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Oracle Business Process Management helps you manage your processes by giving you all the tools you need.

Business process management helps businesses make sure that their internal processes and functions are in tune with what their customers need.  It also allows a company’s executives to easily monitor and measure their resources.  The effects?  The company can cut down on risks and costs while increasing productivity and efficiency.  It can also help improve the quality, consistency and compliance of a business’ process and it can guarantee that customers and end users are satisfied!

Business process management is steadily becoming more and more critical to companies right now and what better way to implement strategies related to BPM than using Oracle Business Process Management?

Oracle offers two different software to help you with managing your business processes.  These are:

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g allows you to manage your business processes easily.  It offers a comprehensive solution for all process types and has business tools and components such as:

  • Oracle Process Composer – to help you create, standardize and customize processes using a Web interface
  • Process Simulation and Analysis – helps fine tune and evaluate your processes before they are deployed
  • Process Player – allows you to simulate how a process would go and to help train end users
  • Web Form Designer
  • Business Rules – enables you to define and modify business policies and rules
  • Process Workspace and Monitoring Dashboards – monitor your process in real time
  • Social features that help you support wikis, mash ups, discussion boards and other collaborative tools

Oracle Process Accelerators

Oracle Process Accelerators helps you simplify deployment and implementation of your processes and speed up these processes’ time-to-value.

You can get the following features:

  • Pre-defined rules and models for your processes
  • Easy customization to your needs and requirements
  • Pre-defined performance indicators and metrics that simplify your process monitoring
  • Best-practices are incorporated out of the box
  • Allows you to easily collaborate with others by using a common delivery model
  • Ready to deploy

In short, Oracle Business Process Management helps you manage your processes by giving you all the tools you need.  It is very business-oriented and it comes with tools for optimization, system integration and monitoring.  It also comes with a comprehensive case and task management capability for your end users.

It does not matter how sophisticated or complex your processes are, Oracle Business Process Management can help you design, deploy and monitor these.

The Four Cornerstone Advantage

Now, Four Cornerstone can help you get Oracle Business Process Management up and running for your organization.  Our team of Oracle experts can help get license and then subsequently set up, monitor and manage Oracle Business Process Management software for you.  We can also train the end users in your company to ensure that you maximize your assets and get the maximum benefits from your Oracle investments.

Call Four Cornerstone today and find out just how we can help you achieve your goals!

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