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Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g: For a more efficient business processes

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Using Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g, managing all types of processes is a breeze.

If you are heavily into business process management, then you need Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g in order to make your life easier, as it gives you one platform that brings all of your applications from different departments together.  This way you could have business processes that are efficient and social that covers all your departments and end-to-end operations.

As you know, business processes are what keeps you apart from the competition.  If you improve your business processes, you can be more efficient, more visible and more agile, especially in an ever-changing business management.  Let Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g help you do just that.

A solid foundation for all your processes

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g allows you to have a single process foundation for all your business processes and helps you manage the entire lifecycle for your processes starting with modeling, optimization, automation, right up to execution, monitoring and tracking.  This could include different departments and a variety of applications.

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g has Process Composer that gives your business managers full control of your processes every step of the way.  The Process Composer is Web-based and users can easily define and create processes with a little help from IT.  You can then run simulations to weed out any problem areas and bottlenecks in your design.  You can incorporate business policy by creating rules. You can also define user interface forces and design business information and data.

You can then use Process Player to help evaluate user experience with your processes.  This enables you to have a dry run of your processes before you make it live.  You can also get social collaboration out of the box to help in innovating and process discovery.

All in all, Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g helps make things simple by giving you a “what you design is what you execute” or WYDIWYE guarantee.

Case and task management

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g enables you to have intelligent and efficient task and routing.  Users can find their task using Process Spaces, or access it via mobile devices and e-mail.  Meanwhile, you can help users manage unstructured processes using Adaptive Case Management, which allows them to add documents, tasks and anything else to the process even if it is already running.  You can also use activity guides to make sure that users know what they are doing even with minimal training, while you can also audit your task status, ownership and other parameters when you want to.

Improving your business processes

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g gives you analytics out of the box on your dashboard to help you track the performance of your processes.  Your end-users can also define the service level agreements and metrics, and if any of these metrics are out of place, they will be alerted for immediate action.  You can also use these to improve your process design.

Using Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g can help you get all of these, plus more.  For example, you can use Oracle Process Accelerators to get pre-built processes that are based on best practices.  Helping you get the non-business critical applications up and running in no time.  If you want to start experiencing the benefits of using Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g, call Four Cornerstone today! We can assist you in deploying everything you need to succeed in your BPM efforts.

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