An Oracle Case Study: How the Oracle e-Business Suite eased Escorts Limited’s supply chain and decision-making processes

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Oracle Cloud transformed their business to successfully compete in the age of digital disruption.

Escorts Limited, an automotive manufacturing conglomerate in India, has four main lines of business: agri machinery, auto products, railway products and construction equipment. Each of these lines implemented their own enterprise resource planning platforms and that gave rise to disparate control and operating processes as well as making it almost impossible for management to have an enterprise-wide view of their business and thus making informed business decisions very difficult as well.

In a nutshell, having four different ERP systems meant more time consumed and more difficult processes involved.

The company could not even close their books and create financial reports until the 10th day of the next month. This is because each of the four units had their own systems and methods for handling financial data.

This is the reason why Escorts implemented Oracle e-Business Suite. Having a standardized ERP platform in use by all of its units helped the company have data transparency across its disparate lines of business. This helped accelerate their supply chain processes and helped them make better and faster decisions. Using a shared services model and group wide implementation, the company was able to centrally manage their taxes, accounting, fixed assets, and other financial activities. They are now able to create financial reports on the fifth day of the following month because of the integrated workflow and automatic consolidation of data that Oracle e-Business Suite provided them. That is equivalent to 50% faster financial reporting time.

On top of that, faster supply chain processes also helped them respond to the rapid changes in the market. They were also able to improve their warehouse and inventory management, which led to higher revenues and better customer satisfaction.

The company also implemented Oracle Discrete Manufacturing. This way, the company was able to automate and integrate all-important manufacturing and procurement processes. Every step of the way, from planning to purchasing to manufacturing and eventually fulfillment is included in the automation and integration. This gave Escorts real time access to the latest data on the supply chain cycle and was able to respond more quickly to market demands.

When it comes to its warehouse and inventory, the company also improved in this area. That means that it got more opportunities to earn more and better satisfy their customers. Oracle e-Business Suite helped Escorts integrate a variety of production processes and have a better handle on quality control for their finished products, making it easy to give better products to their customers promptly.

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