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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on how you can stay ahead in modern business technology

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The official profile image of Oracle's CEO Mark Hurd taken from Oracle Executive Page.

The rapid pace of technology acceleration is making way for a lot of new opportunities for businesses that have forward thinking and savvy managers. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd shows you how you can stay ahead in this age of big data, cloud computing, more discriminating customers, mobility and social media and more.

Hurd adds that it is not just the rapid pace of technology, but also the ever-changing demographics of both a company’s employees and customers and this adds to the digital disruption. Hurd cites that in the next eight years, close to 4 out of every 10 employees now are reaching retirement age, and the generally younger workforce will dramatically shake up workplaces everywhere. The same thing with consumers. Sooner or later, customers and employees will be digital natives, as Hurd calls them, or those who have been born and grew up using technology.

And because most companies are using legacy systems, some of which are more than two decades old. The apps are also old. And this is how the enterprise should get ready for these changes: updating their systems and their applications. They should be re-deploying their applications to make sure that they could upgrade it to add more functionality later on.

But IT professionals and CIOs would need to deliver these upgrades without interrupting the operations. And this is the challenge for IT professionals everywhere: how to make sure that you have a system and applications that are ready to accommodate the fast pace change in technology and the changing user demographics, while also being able to deliver the services that you are expected to deliver.

And this would also entail a shift in the way IT performs its jobs. For one, IT has been writing their own applications, they build the company’s computers and other tasks that they prefer to do by themselves. The sad truth is that not even the best IT teams in the world could do all these, and still deliver what they need to deliver for the company’s operations and prepare for the future. Just imagine how CIOs and IT departments are expected to work with legacy systems, while also being able to offer new functionality very quickly. Or they have to invest in new technology that their budgets simply cannot give them. They would need to understand not just IT requirements but also the business itself.

This is where Oracle comes in. It helps IT personnel by taking away all those little tasks that take up most of their time. Oracle has a range of solutions that can help you with everything from managing cloud deployments to giving you a library of codes that you could instantly use. It also helps you automate most of your tasks. Oracle software and solutions help IT save money so that they could divert those savings to investing in more modern IT infrastructures.

Oracle also makes things more efficient and gives IT the chance to be more innovative because more resources are available to them.

So if you need to make sure that you are ready for the near future, make sure that you contact Four Cornerstone. With our Oracle consulting in Dallas, we can help you discover what you need in order to take advantage of the technology that is coming out, as well as help you adapt to the changing business world.

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