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Oracle Cloud Adapters: Taking Advantage of Oracle SOA

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Oracle plans to release Cloud Adapters for other widely used cloud-based Software as a Service offering.
Salesforce Cloud Adapter Configuration Wizard

Oracle has been hard at work with its latest offerings now ready for the cloud.  One of the new things that Oracle has made possible is being able to integrate on-premise IT systems and software as a service offerings that are based on the cloud.  The new Oracle Cloud Adapters may be used on Oracle SOA Suite 11g that you already have.

Oracle wants the Cloud Adapters to be the first of its services and software to help in data integration, processes and apps between the cloud, and on-premises IT.  This will help business make cloud integration easier and simpler to deploy.  For one, it will eliminate the need to install, configure and deploy two different integration tools, software and middleware.  You only make use of one set of Cloud Adapters for your needs.  Plus, your IT personnel will no longer have to spend time and money in learning the different tools you use to integrate the cloud SaaS and on-premises IT.

What can Oracle Cloud Adapters give you?

Oracle Cloud Adapters have been created to work well with Oracle’s current intelligent adapters.  In short, you can use these to integrate your cloud systems the same way you integrate your on-premise IT.

So what do these Oracle Cloud Adapters give you?  One, you will have a very easy to use cloud adapter that is native to the cloud.  The integrations would be seamless, even if it encompasses on-premise, private and public applications.   Another thing you would love is that these adapters are very reliable and very fast because they come from Oracle and make use of the company’s technology, standards and is based on Oracle SOA.

What else?

  • Data, processes and transactions are easily synchronized because you are using common architecture, tools and infrastructure.
  • Your IT staff will be using a wizard to integrate your applications, with little customization and programming needed.
  • Data transmission between your cloud service and on-premise systems would be secure because it uses Oracle’s own Credential Store Framework.
  • If you already have Oracle middleware, applications and database, you could leverage your investments on these when you use another Oracle software.

Say goodbye to your IT asset complexities

Because you are using standards in integrating your systems, you will not have to deal with complexity. You are able to manage every IT asset you have, be it on premises or on the cloud.

Take for example the Oracle Cloud Adapters that are available to Salesforce.com.  You can now connect your own proprietary systems, customer data and other applications with Salesforce.com easily and quickly.  This integration will be highly reliable and secure.  You will be able to use other Oracle software with your Salesforce.com services, making both work better, harder and smarter.

By the end of 2014, Oracle plans to release Cloud Adapters for other widely used cloud-based Software as a Service offering.  There will also be Cloud Adapters for its own service, Right Now.  And what if you are not using a popular cloud service?  No problem, Oracle will also release a SDK to help you customize and create your own Cloud Adapters.

Still lost about Oracle SOA and how it works to come up with new innovations like Oracle Cloud Adapters?  Then call Four Cornerstone and find out more about our Oracle SOA consulting service.  We also have a range of Oracle consulting services that you can avail to help you get the most out of your Oracle investments.

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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