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The “Oracle Cloud Platform Ready” for Independent Software Vendors: How it will benefit businesses

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With the introduction of Oracle Cloud Platform, the company has leveraged its partnership with ISVs to another level by helping them transition to the Cloud.

In an era dominated by digital technology, the Internet of Things, wearable technology and the Cloud, getting ahead in the game requires more than just knowing which strategy or technique to use. Your exposure to, understanding of and how you take advantage of technology will be greatly beneficial.

This is one of the reasons why Oracle has come up with a new cloud platform. While the company is popular in the IT industry, it has not caught up with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Google in terms of dominance in the public cloud computing market. With the introduction of a cloud platform intended generally for independent software vendors, Oracle has taken a big step forward.

The Oracle Cloud Platform Ready Program and Its Benefits for Businesses

Despite its rather lengthy name, the Oracle Cloud Platform Ready for Independent Software Vendors is guaranteed to help enterprises moved to the cloud with ease. It is beneficial to those who want to leverage cloud capabilities without having to worry too much about processes and procedures.

The Oracle Cloud Platform Ready Program will provide ISVs or independent software vendors an easy way of registering and publishing all their Oracle Cloud-compatible applications. No complicated procedures or requirements are needed, as the ISVs will be automatically connected to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Here are some benefits of the new Oracle Cloud Platform:

  1. Aside from the easy registration and publication process for Oracle Cloud-compatible applications, businesses will also enjoy increased visibility through the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Considering that Oracle has over 425,000 entities in its customer database, this will help businesses gain more opportunities that can help the company profit in one way or another. Additionally, since they are in the Cloud, establishing a connection with other customers will not be a problem. Oracle’s online market will connect customers to other businesses anywhere in the world. When purchasing, smooth transactions are expected, especially since a buyer does not need to go to a sales office or interact with sales employees. Everything can be done virtually. The Oracle Cloud is essential for businesses that want to expand its reach globally, as well as for those who believe that building a customer base should have no limit. Currently, it has more or less 25,000 global partners.
  1. Once an ISV is in the Cloud, it can now turn its attention to coming up with creative and innovative solutions and plans for leveraging their products and services to a higher (and better) level. Oracle will help by working on cloud application elements like security and backup. In other words, ISVs will be better able to focus on creation and innovation, while the Cloud can be utilized for spreading these innovative solutions throughout the market. Since a big number of ISVs trust Oracle, combining the most advanced technology with well-established professional experience will help customers achieve significant business success. Working with a trusted industry “giant” like Oracle is extremely beneficial, especially for small and medium businesses trying to gain financial and creative confidence.
  1. Through Oracle’s PartnerNetwork (OPN), members in the Silver or higher level will stand to gain benefits like the opportunity to make their own initial application listing in a matter of minutes – with the help of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Most ISVs are comfortable around Oracle systems and technology. Dealing with Oracle software and other products has become second nature for these businesses. This kind of familiarity provides a certain level of comfort and trust that is essential for customers that value quality and competency. In addition, Oracle makes it easy for businesses to enjoy their investments because there is practically no need to rewrite or re-architect what they have developed and created over the years. This also means no additional expenses.
  1. Oracle will likewise provide businesses with all the technical support they (will) need. No need to find someone – online or offline – to help with technical issues. All that’s needed is a request for Oracle Cloud Specialists access.
  1. Customers would be able to save on operational expenses on their cloud applications deployment.


Taking all these into consideration, one can deduce that the general goal of Oracle in coming up with a new platform for ISVs is to invite more customers and potential partners to use the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The best benefit for those developing new products and programs is the visibility extended by Oracle’s extensive customer base.

Moreover, the fact that Oracle Cloud Platform is like a one-stop shop for customers looking for a variety of functionality (research, selling, reselling, buying and validating, among others) make it a wise and profitable investment. Imagine using just one platform for doing everything that you need to do. That’s what the Oracle Cloud Platform Ready for Independent Software Vendors is all about.


Oracle has been enabling ISVs for decades, helping them understand and pushing them to take advantage of Oracle technology. With the introduction of Oracle Cloud Platform, the company has leveraged its partnership with ISVs to another level by helping them transition to the Cloud.

The Cloud offers a lot of advantages and opportunities for ISVs. It helps lower expenses related to hardware, maintenance and installation. The Cloud also makes accessing and managing data easier and faster. Plus, it also increases flexibility in the workplace.

The Oracle Cloud Platform may not be the frontrunner, or the only choice, in the Cloud market, but it is a brand with a proven track record.

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