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Oracle Coherence: Handling thousands of data in real-time has never been this easier

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You can take advantage of Oracle Coherence, either as a separate solution or working with other Oracle software.
Oracle Coherence Read-Through Caching

An in-memory data grid, Oracle Coherence helps you with distributed caching.  You can have fast access to data that you frequently access so that you could scale your important applications.   What’s more, Oracle Coherence ensures that your cached data and your database are always in sync, eliminating the possibility of serving your applications with stale and outdated data.

You could easily manage your servers running on Coherence through WebLogic Management Framework.  You work with a templated environment for scaling dynamically, which means that you can simplify lifecycle management for your application.  Coherence is also compliant with JCache and supports Memcached protocol.  JCache is the standard used for distributed caching when you are on a Java platform.

Why should you use Oracle Coherence?

  1. Oracle Coherence lets you forget about latency problems as well as poor performance.  This is because Coherence processes and caches data in real time.  The fast performance reduces bottlenecks and lessens data contention.  This helps in making your applications more responsive.  When you have real time calculations, Coherence can give you better scalability and performance through parallel computation and query.
  1. Oracle Coherence helps you meet data availability requirements even in your most demanding environments.  This is because it supports continuous operation and data tolerance.  All these results to simplified application development and deployment because your applications no longer have to compensate for failures in the network or server.
  1. You can scale in a linear fashion using Oracle Coherence.  It also helps you improve your utilization of current resources while also allowing you to predict your costs.  You do not have to worry about service interruptions or data loss even as your application loads grow.
  1. Oracle Coherence is also perfect for disaster recovery because of its data replication features as well as its capability to maintain integrity in your transactions.

How does it work?

Oracle Coherence gives you several core services such as:

  • Caching.  Instead of wasting time querying data from back end sources, Coherence reads from a cache, which is much faster.  Your applications will cache the data they need in a data grid, allowing your applications to use the parallel capabilities of the data grid.
  • Analytics.  Oracle Coherence allows you to search, sort and aggregate data. It also supports any customized analytics functions.  You get parallelized operations for your entire data grid, so that your calculations are always spot on no matter if there are slow downs or server failures.
  • Transactions.  With Coherence, your applications will be able to manage your transactional data in the data grid, in memory.  This continues until your data is committed to an external data source for reporting or archiving.
  • Events.  When it comes to event handling, Oracle Coherence can help you process several events in a very short time.  This is true even for the most demanding event rates, such as continuous queries and streaming processing from the server.

You can take advantage of Oracle Coherence, either as a separate solution or working with other Oracle software.  If you are having problems related to the reliability, performance, availability and scalability of your data and applications, then you should call Four Cornerstone and find out how Oracle Coherence can help you.

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