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Secure Data with Extensive Data Masking Policies

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Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting

Your data is your best asset, so can you imagine if it falls in the wrong hands?  Today’s businesses have two reasons why they should focus on security.  One is the continued prevalence of security threats and the other is the increasing industry and governmental regulations that they must comply with.  When you have sensitive data stored on your database, then you must use Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting Pack.

Data Masking and Subsetting: What It Is

Using Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting, you can share entire copies or subsets of data that you can get from your database.  The data is obfuscated or decoded before you share it.  The database remains as is so your applications are not affected by the data masking or subsetting processes.  This way, you only present the data that is necessary for others to know instead of the entire data set.  You also get to save on compliance costs because you are working with a smaller scope for compliance testing and development groups.

You can also use Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting to automate the discovery of your sensitive data using Oracle Application Data Modelling.  This way, you can pinpoint tables in your database that has sensitive information, which you can then store within the repository of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

If you work with test and development companies, you will want to limit their exposure to your sensitive data.  And this is where Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting comes in handy.  The tool can give you an easy way to mask social security numbers, personally identifiable numbers, credit card details and other similar data.  It can also employ advanced masking, such as conditional masking, reversible masking and deterministic masking.

Subsetting, on the other hand, automatically creates subsets of your data so that you could share it with your partners.  Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting can work with the entire database or a given set of specific tables.  This helps you come up with a viable test data that quality analysis teams could pore over.  And if you have legal requests from the government, subsetting could help you give them what they need in a faster period of time.

Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting is installed together with Oracle Enterprise Manager by default.  You can use it on both the original and a copy of your data so that you would not have any overhead on your production database.  Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting also works with Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack and Oracle Data Integrator.  You can even use it during database export or with other non-Oracle databases.

If you need to know more about Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting, call Four Cornerstone at 1 (817) 377 1144.  Talk to a team of Oracle certified experts with decades of experience in various industries to see how you could implement Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting to help protect confidential data and to easily comply with regulations. We can also help you with other Oracle products and software.

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