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Oracle Data Quality Product Family: Have the best data for any enterprise need

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 Oracle MDM needs to have high quality and standardized data, something that the Data Quality Product Family can provide.

Oracle’s Data Quality products help businesses get the best value from their enterprise applications by making sure that you get the appropriate data for your purposes.  They help you identify problems in your data and address these problems easily and quickly.

In effect, you can use these products to identify opportunities, become more operationally efficient, and be able to comply better with regulations both from your industry and from the government.

These products are:

  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Profile and Audit.  This is your starting point to getting your data quality right.  It gives you the basis for comprehending data quality issues and allows you to build rules for error correction and prevention.  It enables you to profile huge volumes of data from flat files, spreadsheets, databases and other sources easily.  The best thing?  It has an easy to understand user interface, so that business users as well as IT personnel can work with the data you need.
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Parsing and Standardization.  This gives you the tool to transform and standardize your data, as well as make text data easily usable and accessible.  This transforms free form text into structured information.  You could also use this to audit your data against defined rules and transform the same against the same rules.
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Match and Merge.  This allows you to match several fields of data so that you could eliminate duplicates, consolidate your data and integrate it.  It makes your master data management easier.  It works with your own survivorship rules so that you can specify what format your data is in.
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Address Verification Server.  This allows you to confirm whether or not a certain address exists.
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Product Data Parsing and Standardization.  This allows you to use different rules for different categories of data.  This way, you can automatically recognize what type of data you have and apply the correct set of rules on it, allowing you to get standardized records.
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Product Data Match and Merge.  This allows you to merge records that are standardized by Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Product Data Parsing and Standardization.

As you can see, each of these products can work independently.  Oracle has made these even more valuable by allowing integration with Oracle Master Data Management (MDM) and Oracle Data Integration.  Oracle MDM needs to have high quality and standardized data, something that the Data Quality Product Family can provide.  Once you have data transformed according to your rules, you can now use it with any MDM application.  Transformed and standardized data can also be used with Oracle Data Integrator to have a complete solution for data movement, transformation and integration.

If you are looking for the complete data quality solution, look no further than Oracle’s range of data quality products.  Four Cornerstone has a team of Oracle experts who can help you install, set up and deploy Oracle software.  We could even help you train your people to use Oracle’s excellent range of software for any needs.  Give us a call today!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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