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Oracle Database 12c for Big Data and Data Warehousing

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 You could never go wrong with Oracle Database 12c when it comes to big data and data warehousing.

Data warehousing is when you build a database that is used to analyze the data that you have.  With big data exploding in the past few years, data warehousing is no longer an option but a must for your IT infrastructure.  Big data is forcing organizations to rethink their strategies related to data warehousing.

The good news is that Oracle Database 12c has capabilities and features that allow you to delve into data warehousing in this age of big data.

Oracle Database 12c paves the way for big data

Big data and data warehousing both allow your business to get the data that you could analyze to give your business an edge over your competitors, improve your operations and aid your decision-making.  But there is a subtle difference between the two:  data in your data warehouse comes from other databases in your company, such as your billing systems, or your financials; big data, on the other hand, has a much larger scope, with data coming from multiple sources.

As such, big data needs a very different architecture from data warehouses.  This architecture allows you to gather the data from all around, organize it to ensure that it is in a format that you could analyze, store the information, and then help users analyze and use the data.  Nevertheless, that architecture is based on data warehouses, so you need to understand that first before moving on to big data.

You could use your current data warehouses, add in Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Exadata into the mix and you are well on the way to all-systems-go with big data.

With Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Exadata, you can have a very scalable and high-performing data warehouses that can also give you integrated analytics and better workload management.  This is true even with IO-heavy workloads.

Improved performance query

Additionally, Oracle provides users with a better query performance.  You now have a wide range of performance optimization tactics for any workload or query you have for your data warehouse.

Aside from query performance, Oracle also helps you manage data warehouses better, even though this is much more complex than the regular online transaction processing databases.  For instance, you have Oracle Partitioning that is very important when managing really big databases.  Partitioning allows you to split large tables so that it becomes more manageable.   Oracle also gives you compression techniques for every table in your database, as well as read consistency.

As far as analytics go, Oracle Database 12 allows you to perform calculation within your SQL.  The company also incorporated analytics into the database engine.

Big data + data warehousing = Oracle Database 12c

In short, you could never go wrong with Oracle Database 12c when it comes to big data and data warehousing.  Oracle Database is built to be scalable and high-performance.  On top of that, you could also make use of the features and optimization tools that Oracle has put into it.

Looking to build your data warehouse and get your teeth into big data?  You can make it easier for you and your IT staff by calling Four CornerstoneWe can help you design, optimize and put your data warehouse up in no time.

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