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Oracle Database Appliance: The best of hardware and software DB tools

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With Oracle Database Appliance you get easy to deploy virtualization solutions via Oracle VM.

Oracle Database Appliance is part of Oracle’s engineered systems line.  It is a complete database server that has both hardware and software components.

Oracle uses a two-node cluster that includes two servers that use shared storage and are configured & deployed in a cluster.  Each has 12 cores per server, a 96-gigabyte memory, six 1-gigabyte network interface cards and two 10-gigabyte NICs.  You also get four 73-gigabyte shared SSD storage, as well as 20 600-gigabyte shared hard disk spaces, as well as redundant cooling fans and power supply.

If you need more storage, you have the option to double your storage up to 36 terabytes, with its optional storage expansion shelf.  Each of the two servers also runs on two 8core Intel Xeon processors E52690.  When it comes to graphics, it has VGA 2D graphics controller embedded into the system and can fully support resolutions of at most 1,280 × 1024, that is slightly lower when viewed remotely or at most 1,024 × 768 on Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager.  Each server also has a HD15 VGA port.

It runs on Oracle Linux and comes pre-installed with Appliance Manager and an optional Oracle VM.

Because you also get the hardware and not just the software, the Oracle Database Appliance is very easy to deploy.  Oracle claims that you can save up to 2,000 deployment, support and maintenance man-hours with the Oracle Database Appliance.  What’s more, you can easily upgrade up to 32 cores without having to pay more for hardware upgrades. There is no downtime too.

With this single box, you get highly available database service that runs a wide range of applications from online transaction processing, data warehousing and even customized applications.

The Oracle Database Appliance also supports virtualization so that even your satellite and remote offices can have complete solution tools.

Features and Benefits

Why should you buy the Oracle Database Appliance?

  • It saves you both effort and time by making it easy to deploy, maintain and support over its entire life cycle.
  • It offers one-button installation, integrated diagnostics and patching.  This leads to fewer downtimes, planned or otherwise, because it automatically monitors your systems and then asks for service request from Oracle support for any issues it identifies.
  • It uses Automatic Storage Management and Oracle Real Application Clusters to protect your databases from storage and server failure.
  • It reduces your software spending by using capacity on-demand licensing.
  • You get easy to deploy virtualization solutions via Oracle VM.

Get Oracle Database Appliance without the Stress – Let Four Cornerstone Help You!

If you think that your business could easily benefit from having the Oracle Database Appliance, then do not wait for a week or a month or longer to get it up and running.  You do not have to worry about properly deploying the Oracle Database Appliance when you have Four Cornerstone working for you.

Four Cornerstone can help you with all your Oracle-related needs. Our team of experts has the necessary expertise in networking, servers, software and storage to help you run the Oracle Database Appliance. Contact us now!

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