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Things You Should Now About the Oracle Database Cloud Service

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Oracle Database Cloud has improved pricing options.

You have the full power and flexibility of the Oracle Database. What happens when it becomes available in the cloud computing model?

Oracle Database Cloud Service or Database as a Service (DBaaS) is an architectural and operational approach that allows IT providers to provide database functionality as a service to the consumers. It is the same familiar Oracle Database but is located in a dedicated virtual machine, either Oracle Database 11g or the faster and more powerful 12c. In this case, the reliable and efficient Oracle Database is implemented without having to incur the traditional upfront cost in servers, storage and network.

In the DBaaS scenario, Oracle hosts the virtual machine and cloud storage. Organizations are given full access to the features and functionalities that are available in the Oracle Database. The users are also able to perform some database maintenance as well as management operations through the cloud portal or command-line interface.

Oracle DBaaS Architectural Attributes

The principles of Oracle Database cloud service architecture support the following capabilities:

  1. Orientation and focus on customer self-service mechanisms, including the management of database instances.
  2. Automated tracking of provider-specific database service definitions, attributes and quality of service levels.
  3. Quality assessing of database usage allowing IT showback and chargeback functionalities.

What’s more, DBaaS architecture supports secure multi-tenancy environment, granular service flexibility, access using a wide range of non-proprietary devices, integrated capacity planning, and automated resource management.

Why You Should Go for Oracle DBaaS Approach

When implementing database, organizations traditionally go through the tedious process of procuring and implementing hardware, software and resources. With Oracle Database as a Service, however, this process is eliminated, which makes it a unique offering. DBaaS also provides options for the consumers who have concerns about using the public cloud by offering them a cloud computing model available in a dedicated platform.

What else do you get with Oracle Database cloud service approach?

  1. Users can carry out all database management and operations without having to buy and maintain hardware. What’s more, you don’t have to understand many other complex things, such as backup and recovery commands. You also don’t have to do complicated tasks like database software upgrades and patching.
  2. Oracle DBaaS gives the users full administrative control of the service. This functionality is something you will not get from other database cloud service providers.
  3. With your on-premises Oracle Databases, you get full interoperability, which is a fundamental requirement to ensure you are getting the full benefits of using the systems.
  4. Oracle Database cloud service has the functionality that enables the user to automate certain operations as they require.
  5. As a user, you can utilize several Oracle tools and applications, which you are already familiar with, to connect to the database.

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