Oracle Database Cloud

Oracle Database Cloud Service Offers Many Options and Choices

Oracle Database as a Service (DaaS) offers organizations the full flexibility and power of Oracle Database in the cloud computing environment.

What if you can have a solution to any database requirement? With many options and choices that Oracle Database Cloud Service (a.k.a. Oracle Database as a Service) delivers, many organizations become happy customers.

CPU Quantity and Memory Options

Two main considerations in purchasing a database are the number of CPUs required as well as the gigabytes of memory. With Oracle Database Cloud Service, there are varieties of configuration combinations to meet your specific business needs.

Storage Options

Oracle Database has Oracle Storage Cloud Service that provides customers with cloud-based storage capacity options.

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11g or 12c Database Editions

Oracle uses dedicated virtual machine to run an Oracle Database instance. A simple and fast database solution, Oracle Database 11g or 12c offers a quick and easy option for database instances provision. Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition includes the powerful Oracle Multitenant. It is the modern option to manage Pluggable Databases in the cloud.

There are four Oracle Database editions available to suit your specific requirements. The options include:

  • Standard Edition One
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Enterprise Edition High Performance
  • Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance

Oracle Database Cloud Service (Database Schema)

If your business operations do not require the complete and powerful Oracle Database instance functionality in a virtual machine, you can opt for a database schema. It offers a complete environment including full development tooling and deployment capabilities through the Oracle Application Express (APEX). APEX is a robust application development, which enables developers to create applications in minutes.

Database Schema is available on Oracle Database 11g. As for the storage levels, there are 5, 20 and 50 gigabytes database storage available to meet your needs.

You can access applications in Database Schema from APEX or Java in the Java Cloud Service. For applications outside Oracle Cloud, RESTful Web Services are available for access over HTTPS.

All the database management tasks in the Database Schema Service are entirely managed by Oracle. This feature saves you the resources and cost of having a database administrator to manage the database.

Virtual Image Option

Oracle Database as a Service (DaaS) offers organizations the full flexibility and power of Oracle Database in the cloud computing environment. With Oracle DaaS, you can use all standard network connections, and you have control to administer all maintenance operations for the database or software. Alternatively, you can also have Oracle to manage the standard database operations, such as patching, backup and upgrade.

The Virtual Image option, which is part of the virtual machine, includes the installation programs for Oracle Database as well as supporting software. This tool allows you to set up the database yourself according to your requirement and preference through the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

As with any technology product, security is always a concern. With Oracle DaaS, Compute Service’s security rules and lists are available for flexible, enterprise-level security requirements.

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