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Oracle Database Cloud Service

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Oracle's autonomous database. A self driving database.

Oracle Database Cloud Service is a database as a service offering from the software giant. It gives you a complete database instance from a VM or virtual machine. So you basically get an Oracle Database with all the features, the bells and whistles but you get it on the cloud instead of an on premise system.

That is right, you get all the operations and features that you would find in Oracle Database, with Oracle hosting the cloud storage and virtual machine. You also get to use either the command line interface or an easy to use and intuitive cloud portal to manage your database on the cloud.

You no longer have to buy and maintain the necessary hardware to run a database. You can easily backup and recover your database and there will be no complex activities to do such as software patches and upgrades. And your cloud based database is fully interoperable with other Oracle database that you have onsite.

And compared to other similar services, Oracle is different in that it gives you full administrative control to your database, including SYS database access and root OS. You can also do your own automations and scripts.

But what’s more important is that you do not have to learn anything new if you have been using Oracle Database for a long time. Because you will be familiar with the Database Cloud Service because it looks, feels and function like an on premise Oracle Database setup. What’s more, you can use all Oracle applications and tools that you have been using in order to connect to the database.

Why get into the cloud for your database?

There are many reasons why you should turn to the cloud for your database. Here are some:

  1. Fast. You can get the Oracle Database Cloud Service in just a few minutes and you can start using it immediately.
  2. Options. There are several selections for you to choose from, including different database versions, a variety of database options, Enterprise Manager packs and even access methods.
  3. Integration. You can use the Oracle Database Cloud Service with other Oracle cloud services, including Storage, Java and Compute.
  4. Subscription based. You can choose between an hourly or a monthly service subscription, which gives you all the updates and support that you need.
  5. Flexible. You can use a preconfigured or preinstalled database instances, and all resources are flexible. You can remove or add memory, storage and compute resources as you need them.
  6. Simple. You can get your Oracle Database instance in a few clicks of your mouse. No more complex installation and deployment procedures!

But most importantly, you get the best in class security with Oracle Database Cloud Service. The whole system is secure by default but you can opt to open your network ports if necessary. You also get the best account security using identity domains, user security using authentication and role security, database security, data security, and SSH tunneling, which generates and keeps private and public key pair on your computer. You also have security options for RESTful Web Services.

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