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Oracle Database Cloud

Achieving Business Agility Through Oracle Database

  In business, agility is a company’s ability to always be ready or in a position to take account of market changes. In other words, an agile business is able to easily adapt to changes, specifically in the market, in ways that are not only cost effective but also productive. Agility. This is what most […]

Will You Move to Oracle’s Database as a Service?

There has been a great buzz going around the cloud computing environment. The cloud services market is growing fast as many organizations continue to move to the said platform. Are you one of them? Undeniably, there are many companies who are still using legacy applications on their on-premise relational database. Could it be cloud computing’s […]

Oracle Database Cloud Service Offers Many Options and Choices

What if you can have a solution to any database requirement? With many options and choices that Oracle Database Cloud Service (a.k.a. Oracle Database as a Service) delivers, many organizations become happy customers. CPU Quantity and Memory Options Two main considerations in purchasing a database are the number of CPUs required as well as the […]

Why Go for Oracle Database in the Cloud? Here are 10 Reasons Why

Database cloud service is gaining popularity because it offers customers a quicker deployment, more elastic cloud computing resources, and cheaper alternative database platform. Specifically, the Oracle Database Cloud Service offers a unique product combining the simplicity and ease-of-use of a cloud computing environment and the power, robustness and productivity of Oracle technology. Benefits of database […]

Things You Should Now About the Oracle Database Cloud Service

You have the full power and flexibility of the Oracle Database. What happens when it becomes available in the cloud computing model? Oracle Database Cloud Service or Database as a Service (DBaaS) is an architectural and operational approach that allows IT providers to provide database functionality as a service to the consumers. It is the […]