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Oracle Database In-Memory: Speed up the analysis of your data in real-time

Oracle Database In-Memory allows you to use your mix of storage technologies to help keep your expenses on storage down .

Your business happens in real time, and time and again you need to make decisions that are critical.  The thing is, your systems would only be able to extract terabytes and terabytes of data and analyze it after hours or days on end.  So most business leaders and decision-makers try to postpone making critical decisions until the data is ready.  When pressed for time, they would have to rely on incomplete data and sometimes inaccurate information to make a decision that would impact their operations.

Not anymore!  Oracle has made it possible for you to get the full picture instantaneously.  With Oracle Database In-Memory, you can crunch and analyze a lot of data in a matter of seconds rather than hours.  This enables you to make decisions when you need to using all the information that is available to you right up to this second.

Introduced in June 2014, Oracle Database In-Memory can help you get insights into your business and operations at the moment that you need it most.  No more will you have to wait, and no more will you make your decisions based on inaccurate data.  You can gain this capability without having to change your current databases or using another database to work with your data.  In short, Oracle Database In-Memory works with as little disruption as possible.

Oracle Database In-Memory features at a glance

  1. Best for mixed workloads.  Oracle Database In-Memory uses a dual format approach to speed up analysis of your data.  This also helps ensure that your most recent data is included in your decision making processes, as there is no need to transport data out to another database.
  1. High performance regardless of the size of the database.  Oracle Database In-Memory allows you to use your mix of storage technologies to help keep your expenses on storage down while also keeping your performance up to par.  You get to decide what types of data goes in-memory, rather than requiring every bit of data to be in-memory.  Meanwhile, those data that are not in memory may be stored in less expensive storage systems.
  1. Real-time information and better decisions.  Because of the flexibility of Oracle Database In-Memory in supporting both transactions and analytics, you can have more value from your Oracle Database.  You can easily start making decisions that are data driven rather than working with guesswork. Moreover, you can respond to the ever-changing demands of your customer.  What better way to run your business than not having to rely on imperfect information and backing your initiatives with data?

Are you ready to become a real time business?  Four Cornerstone can help you move from just guessing and praying that your assumptions are right and get into data driven decisions that are up to date and up to the minute.  Call us today at 817-377-1144 and start working with a team of certified Oracle experts who have years and years of experience.  We not only help you optimize your Oracle investments, but we make sure that you have the best systems in place and that you are using the features that you need to run your business and crush the competition.

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