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Oracle Gives You Better Database Performance with MySQL 5.7

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MySQL has always been known for its high performance, ready scalability and high reliability.  So, it is really no surprise that the open source database is the most popular in the world.

Oracle, however, has been able to improve on an already good thing.

On March 31, 2014, Oracle announced that they have just made Development Milestone Release for MySQL 5.7 available.  Oracle said that the new release is aimed at meeting the heavy demands of cloud, embedded and Web applications.  The software giant also indicated that the new release would make MySQL even more reliable, even more high performing and even more scalable than ever before.  Further, management functions were also improved.

MySQL 5.7 is faster and more scalable

The new release comes with throughput and performance enhancements for SSDs or solid state disks and better InnoDB metadata locking and buffer pool.  Semi-synchronous replication has also been improved.  How much faster is the current release?  Tests show that the new release is twice as fast as MySQL 5.6 and thrice as fast as MySQL 5.5.

MySQL 5.7 is more manageable

The new release includes some enhancements to the optimizer so you have better and more accurate cost computations, while the performance schema now has additional instrumentations and other improvements.  The new release also has better security with new options to manage your passwords and the inclusion of AES (advanced encryption standard) 256-bit encoding.

Improved availability

MySQL Fabric, one of MySQL Utilities in the latest release, gives you high availability by giving you a way to automatically detect failures, as well as giving you a way to shard data that you can use to scale out.  You could also get MySQL Workbench 6.1 that allows you to use tools to assess performance and optimize queries.

Other improvements in MySQL 5.7

Moreover, Oracle announced that they have also released other MySQL related tools and features, adhering to their philosophy of releasing enhancements and improvements early and often.

If you are using Microsoft SQL Server now, you can use MySQL Workbench to make your migration to MySQL a painless and easy process.

Also, take advantage of other MySQL 5.7 features such as GIS improvements, and better multi-source replication.  You could further expect faster node restarts with the MySQL Cluster 7.4 performance improvements.

It is very clear that Oracle is committed to innovating and developing MySQL by steadily providing releases that enhance MySQL’s scalability, performance and reliability, as well as manageability.

Ready to try it out?  Download it from here: //dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.7.html

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