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Oracle Database Security Products: Protect your business data from offline and online threats

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Oracle Database Security products all help you comply with government and industry regulations.

Because data is your most important asset, it is really important to make sure that your data is safe.  If you are using Oracle Database, then half the battle for securing your data is already won.  But Oracle has a suite of security products that can help you protect your data, safeguard its privacy and even secure it against threats from insiders.  These security products allow for regulatory compliance and may be used with non-Oracle databases as well.

  1. Oracle Key Vault gives you a way to centrally manage encryption keys, Java Keystores, Oracle Wallets and other credential files.
  1. Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall helps you monitor your databases to catch and block security threats.  This also assists you to have improved compliance reporting by giving you consolidated audit data from operating systems, directories, databases and other similar sources.
  1. Oracle Advanced Security helps you encrypt confidential application data.  When you deal with social security numbers, credit card details or information that can personally identify a person, you will need to mask and encrypt these. Oracle Advanced Security allows you to do all that while also remaining cost effective.
  1. Oracle Database Vault enables you to improve the security of your applications as well as to comply with regulatory requirements that need you to separate duties, privileges and other preventive measure to ensure data privacy and integrity.  Oracle Database Vault will protect your application data that resides in your database even when it is being accessed by database users that are privileged.
  1. Oracle Label Security helps you mediate and categorize access to your data based on characteristics or classification.  If you have requirements for multilevel security and access control, such as those seen in the public sectors, then you can get Oracle Label Security to do the job for you.  This way, users can access data and information on a need-to-know basis so that you can protect your data’s integrity and privacy while also ensuring regulatory compliance.
  1. Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting allows you to restrict customer data.   This tool replaces sensitive consumer data, such as social security numbers and credit card information, with realistic numbers so that you could continue to test, develop or share your production data without violating privacy and integrity.

As you can see, Oracle Database Security products all help you comply with government and industry regulations.  All of these products are either detective or preventive, and encompasses every part of your database from monitoring your database activities, to multifactor access control, to blocking privileged user access, to data classification to encryption, and right down to consolidated reporting and auditing, as well as allowing you to have easy and secure management of security configurations and data masking.

And the best thing about all these? You can employ these products without having to change your current applications.

If you want to learn more about Oracle Database Security products and how to implement them, then you should contact Four Cornerstone at 1 (817) 377 11 44 and work with a team of Oracle certified experts who can help you deploy these products, as well as a range of other Oracle software and tools.

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