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Oracle Database Vault: Pre-emptive protection for your application data

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Oracle Database Vault gives you separation of duty controls that touches on database administration, security administration and account management.

Oracle Database Vault gives you strong security controls that help safeguard your application data from any kind of unauthorized access, as well as provide you a headstart in complying with privacy and regulatory requirements.  You can implement controls to block even privileged account access to data coming from or being used by applications, as well as control every sensitive process that goes on inside your database through the use of multi-factor authorization.

Oracle Database Vault controls for privileged accounts

A lot of hackers use privileged user accounts to get into your database and steal important information. This is because an infected admin account can do a lot of damage and get a lot of data in the process.  Oracle Database Vault gives you security controls to help you curb the use of privileged user accounts from being used in hacking.

Database configuration controls from Oracle Database Vault

Oracle Database Vault has SQL Command Controls that give you control over your database operations. These command controls include truncate table, create table and create user.  This helps you prevent unauthorized modifications to your databases, such as creating new accounts, creating new database objects and granting DBA roles to unauthorized users.  As such, you not only strengthen your database’s security, you also pass audits and comply with security regulations.

On top of that, you also get multi-factor authorization, which combines IP address, program name and authentication methods among others.  Having a multi-factor authorization also helps you prevent attacks that make use of stolen user credentials and passwords.  Even insiders would not be able to tamper with your applications, or make accidental changes to your configuration.

Oracle Database Vault for the cloud and consolidation

It is without doubt that getting on the cloud or consolidating your system can help lower your costs.  But both consolidation and the cloud could mean that you would be exposing confidential application data to outsiders and users who really do not need to see these information.  The good news is that Oracle Database Vault can help you restrict access to your application so that even database administrators could not access it.  Moreover, you can block application bypass and strictly implement a trusted-path route from the application layer to the data it needs.

Oracle Database Vault gives you separation of duty controls that touches on database administration, security administration and account management, all of which can be customized according to your needs.  And because it is from Oracle, Database Vault works well with other Oracle products.  For example, you can use it with Oracle Multitenant to give you increased security when consolidating by blocking privileged user access to your pluggable database and other safeguards.

Other features you would love about the Oracle Database Vault are:

  • Privilege analysis of applications and users during runtime
  • Protection policies that are application specific
  • Easy to manage and easy to enable

Want to learn more about Oracle Database Vault?  Call Four Cornerstone today and work with a team of Oracle certified experts who could help you make your database more secure.  We are just a phone call away at 1 (817) 377 1144!

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