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Oracle Endeca Guided Search: Superior search system for your website

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Think about it.  Today’s buyers want to see what they want and they want to see it immediately.  Fortunately, there are search solutions out there that allow your customers to look into your online store front.

The problem is that these search solutions might not show them the items that your customers want, and this might make them think that you do not have the item.  That is why most businesses opt to have a liberal search system that gives searchers pages and pages of content, including lots of irrelevant ones.  Now, who would want to go through pages and pages of stuff that do not relate or appeal to them?


Good thing there is Oracle Endeca Guided Search.  With Oracle Endeca Guided Search, you can get superior search and guided navigation all in one package.

Here are the top-notch features of Oracle Endeca Guided Search:

  • Superior search.  Oracle Endeca Guided Search makes sure that your customers get only the most relevant search results.  It makes use of transparent relevance criteria to rank your items, as well as a thesaurus, a boost and bury functionality and keyword redirection.  You will also be able to give your customers spelling correction and auto-fill, making sure that spelling errors are lessened during search.  Moreover, you can guide them for the correct spelling with “Did you mean?” prompts.
  • Guided navigation.  Endeca Guided Search also allows for guided navigation, which shows your customers all the next steps available to them so that they could obtain the best and most relevant information no matter what they are looking for.
  • Allows searchers to discover and explore more.  Oracle Endeca Guide Search automatically highlights relevant content that your customers might want to see.  They could get links to related articles, be offered relevant discounts, deals and promotions, or read customer reviews.  This way, they can explore more information about the product that they are interested in.

Other benefits

However, these are not all you get with Oracle Endeca Guided Search.

Your pages will be visible on searches made on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other Web search engines.  More than this, Oracle Endeca Guided Search can also help you come up with site maps, remove duplicated content and make your URLs search engine-friendly.

You also get easy integration with other applications, technology or software.  More than just relying on keywords and context, Oracle Endeca Guided Search also allows you to integrate data from other sources to help you come up with better search results.

You can also use Oracle Endeca Guided Search with Oracle Endeca Experience Manager.  This way, you can get control over the littlest details that are related to customer experience.  This also allows you to get better content targeting and search personalization when using dynamic pages.

Lastly, you can use Oracle Endeca for Mobile and Oracle Endeca for Social so that your customers have the same search experience no matter where they are.

Interested in using Oracle Endeca Guided Search for your e-Commerce sites and Web site?  Call Four Cornerstone to make the process easy and painless.  We can provide you with a team of Oracle experts who can help you get started with Oracle Endeca Guided Search right down to using the software for day to day operations.  We can also help your IT team learn how to manage, administer and install Oracle Endeca Guided Search.

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