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How Did Oracle Engineered Systems Become a Success

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Oracle Engineered Systems are now prominently used for public and private clouds.

Imagine a combined power of best-in-class Sun Microsystems and enterprise software-market-leader Oracle. The result, an integrated computer system that is high-performing at a low cost.

Oracle-Sun combination delivers a product that has transformed the IT industry. The product is an engineered system that makes all the components of the IT stack integrated.

Customers benefit the most from Oracle’s acquisition of Sun more than five years ago. The cost of their systems integration goes down, whereas the performance of the system, its reliability and security go up.

Engineered systems over commodity servers

Cloud service providers, CIOs and technology buyers are choosing engineered systems over commodity servers because of the many benefits they offer. Better performance, higher efficiency, improved manageability and lower costs are among its several advantages.

More and more customers now appreciate these benefits. During the early stages when the product was just launched, the early adopters were looking for something to help them solve a very difficult technical problem. In the recent times, customers of Oracle Engineered Systems include organizations that wanted to achieve fast, efficient processes. The customer profile also includes those who want to save money and improve the way they do business.

There are now more than 10,000 engineered systems sold in the market. This milestone proves that Oracle Engineered Systems had grown from being an early adopter product to a mainstream product in the technology world.

One important factor behind the strong merchandise is the well intact team behind it, particularly the engineering group. Sun engineering team boasts of a very strong retention employee record. This factor is, without a doubt, critical to the success of any organization. This is the same reason why Oracle is able to deliver five generations of engineered systems.

The product development continues. Early this year, Oracle introduced the latest and 5th innovation in engineered systems, the Oracle X5.

Oracle-Sun Engineered Systems and the next steps

The product line continues to grow. Today, Oracle is developing the next-generation SPARC processor. Oracle is also working on new versions of Java, MySQL Database, Solaris operating system, and other technologies inherited from Sun.

Oracle Engineered Systems are now prominently used for public and private clouds. They are foreseen to play a bigger role in the delivery of software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

These systems are created to be more efficient to run. This unique characteristic makes Oracle a leader in delivering SaaS and PaaS with much greater economies of scale that its competitors.

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