Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4: Manage the biggest hardware and software deployments with ease

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Features and Products.

Businesses with plans of running their own private clouds would just love Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4.  If you have been using Enterprise Manager 12c, you would know that it already has tools that help you deploy, manage and optimize private clouds, even helping you meter its usage.  It also gives you API-based services that give your company the ability to easily provide middleware, infrastructure and database services.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is just perfect for managing even the biggest hardware and software deployments, regardless of whether it is from Oracle or not.  But it can also help cloud service providers deliver their services faster without tying up their administrators.

However, even so, there are areas for improvement in the old releases of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.  Release 4 aims to make the process of deploying enterprise grade databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager.  Now, Enterprise Manager can help you set up the new Oracle Database 12c and then check your installation for problems and issues.  If there are indeed problems, Enterprise Manager can also roll back whatever changes it made.  You could also rely on Oracle’s best practices when deploying a database, which is embedded in the company’s quick start kit.  What this means is that Oracle is now giving you the best way to set up your new databases.

A much improved Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c

The new release also has improvements for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c.  Fusion Middleware now allows you to check for potential issues via a Java virtual machine.  Administrators would also be able to provide middleware via a service-oriented architecture.

Other improvements in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c are:

  • Better access control.  Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is now able to handle roles, as well as credentials that you assign to various users.
  • Better security. System security is now centralized in one console.
  • SNMP Compatibility. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c now supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) version 3.  SNMP 3 is used for encrypting and managing network devices.
  • Extensible.  While the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c already gives you a comprehensive set of management tools, it also supports plug-ins for databases, operating systems, middleware, hosts, servers, storage and security networks.

Manage your IT and move to the cloud with more efficiency

In short, Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c further streamlines how you manage your IT and hastens your move to the cloud.  The software helps you manage and establish your cloud environments, as well as manage your applications, middleware and database.  Plus, it also helps you be on top of hardware and virtualization, application performance, and quality management, as well as lifecycle and engineered systems management.  All these without having to pay for, use, and learn several tools and software.  All the solutions you need are all here.

Want to gain all the benefits of using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c?  Call Four Cornerstone today.  Only Four Cornerstone can provide you with a top-notch team of Oracle certified experts to help you deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and other Oracle software and products.  From licensing to actual deployment, rely on us to help you.  And if you need to learn how to work the software, we can provide you with Oracle sanctioned training as well.

Photo by Oracle.

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