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What is Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c?

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c helps you manage the entire cloud lifecycle.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is the latest product from Oracle that promises to simplify your IT while providing better performance and helping you save costs. If the Oracle Database 12c is getting its fair share of attention, it is because it makes database consolidation way simpler than it used to be. And database consolidation is the first step onto the cloud.

On the other hand, Oracle Enterprise Manager is the company’s product line for managing enterprise IT, providing businesses with a complete and integrated cloud management solutions.

So what’s in store for users of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c? And what ‘s new with it?

With the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, you can manage your IT easily, helping you transform it for and control your cloud.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c allows you to completely control the cloud because it provides you with ways to automate and simplify your IT operations. It even enables you to manage your applications easily and efficiently. The Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is with you every step of the way as you get onto the cloud.

What’s more, you can use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to manage both your cloud systems and your traditional IT systems all in one go. With the Consolidation Planner, you can “re-discover” IT assets that you already have, which subsequently assist you how to use these “lost” assets for the cloud.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c also helps you get the cloud services that you need from platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service applications.  You can even access middleware and other applications to make your systems work.  It also helps you track your usage so that you do not have problems metering it.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c also has integrated management for your cloud stack so that you could effectively manage application to disk stack in a single screen, while also giving you a complete view of your IT operations.

In short, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c helps you be in control of your cloud initiatives.  It does not matter whether you are still planning and designing how to get on the cloud, or in whatever stage of deployment you are. It does not even matter if you are in the cloud for a number of years already.  You will need Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c allows you to manage your existing IT systems, thereby saving you some money, and to simplify things by moving the management of both your traditional IT systems and cloud systems all in one place.

Four Cornerstone can help you install, run and configure Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, thus helping you easily manage your IT and gain control of your cloud. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c also has modules that you could use to manage user experience, business transactions and business services, and Four Cornerstone will help you learn how to utilize and take advantage of these modules.

In fact, Four Cornerstone can help you with any of your Oracle and MySQL needs, thus helping you improve your overall systems for the benefit of your business. Contact us now!

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