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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Manage the Cloud with ease

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Enterprise Manager 12c can help you through every step of the cloud lifecycle.

The cloud gives businesses a lot of benefits that can surely bring about good changes.  It can help you scale your business without having to worry about expensive hardware.  You can save on costs while having everything you need on demand.  You can even be more elastic and test your applications out without having to commit too many resources.

There are other smaller advantages too.  These are not readily apparent, but as you use cloud computing, you will certainly see and love the small things that it can give you.  For example, you can have more flexibility to explore a new business or two.  Because you have all the resources you need from cloud providers, you can freely experiment and not end up having to pay through the nose for these.  If you are looking to merge with or acquire another company, you can use the cloud to bring your data together in a manner that is both painless and fast.

Giving customers what they want

What’s more, because cloud providers rely on their customers to tell them what they need to do in order to give better service, they often come up with interfaces, processes, formulas and applications that most of their customers need and want. Most of the time, these are really well-built.  So what happens is that new customers like you can easily get these improvements as well.

There are other benefits of getting into the cloud.  So what is stopping you?  If you think that it is difficult to manage, then you are not looking at the right tools.

Manage cloud effectively with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle has cloud management under its thumb.  You can use Oracle Enterprise Manager to help you manage your cloud initiatives.  With Oracle Enterprise Manager, you can easily provision resources and manage them. You can even have chargeback tools and be able to plan capacity, and get visibility of both virtual and physical environments.  You can use this on everything, from applications to disk to servers, OVM and even databases.

Enterprise Manager 12c can help you through every step of the cloud lifecycle.  It can help you plan, set up and deploy cloud systems, and then continue to help you in managing, monitoring, metering, charging and optimizing the same.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c can help you manage both virtual and physical systems, from storage, to infrastructure to applications.  Furthermore, it enables you to offer not just infrastructure as a service (IaaS), but also platform and database as services on top of your main business services and applications.

Third-party compatible

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c can give you all these out of the box, but if you have anything that is not included in the package, you will be glad to know that it is very extensible.  You can use plug-ins and connectors to make it work with Cisco, Netapp storage, Juniper firewall and other third-party systems.  These can also help your Oracle systems share data and information with HP Openview, IBM Tivoli and CA Unicenter.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c gives you an integrated and comprehensive cloud management tool that is focused on businesses. 

If you need help getting onto the cloud or just deploying Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, call Four Cornerstone to find out what we could do for you.  Stop waiting and start managing your cloud initiative effectively!


Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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