Oracle Essbase Plus: Online analytics for enterprise users

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 Oracle Essbase is very secure, and this is very important because you tend to have hundreds or thousands of users accessing the data on the server.

Oracle Essbase Plus is primarily a business analysis server technology.  Oracle Essbase Plus gives you a platform to develop both business performance management and custom analytic applications.

This tool makes it easier for you to manage and develop analytic apps that come up with complex scenario models, business forecasts and even what-if analysis to give you valuable insights into the future.

This is a market leader in the online analytical processing server space and is specifically designed for enterprise users. You can use Oracle Essbase Plus with your current spreadsheets and data sources.  If you need to extract data from a variety of sources, no matter what size, Essbase can do that as well.  In fact, no other solution can match Essbase when it comes to optimizing data load and recalculating data sets.

Furthermore, you can get reports in a format that you prefer.  Reports could be delivered to Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, or Microsoft Office, or just about any other data visualization tools.

With Oracle Essbase Plus, you get the benefits of a powerful online analytics processing at your fingertips.  Response times are fast, and even non-technical users can work with data in order to get all the insights they need to make better business decisions.  They can save the generated reports and then modify it for presentation purposes.

Oracle Essbase Plus also makes use of a very advanced calculation engine that comes with 350 out-of-the-box functions.  You could do everything you need or want to do – from simply aggregating data or working with data that are both complex and cross-dimensional.  You even have all the financial formulas already included here, as well as all the tools you need to create business rules and calculations.

Moreover, Oracle Essbase is very secure, and this is very important because you tend to have hundreds or thousands of users accessing the data on the server.  You would be pleased to know that Essbase uses Oracle EPM’s authentication system as well as having support for Oracle Fusion Middleware security features such as Oracle Identity Management and single sign-on features.

But what do you really get when you work with Oracle Essbase Plus?  You get easy to use, easy to understand and intuitive user interfaces.  The insights that you get helps you understand customer behavior and market segments, as well as allowing you to detect trends and highlights even with large data sets.  It can work with multidimensional data and legacy systems that you already own. Lastly, it works very fast, from batch load to calculations.

If you’re planning to use Oracle Essbase Plus for your operations, then do not gamble and get it wrong.  Call Four Cornerstone today and have Oracle experts do the installation and deployment for you.  Four Cornerstone can also help you determine what other Oracle products and software you need.  We also have a team of MySQL experts to help you with your database deployments.

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Screenshot courtesy of Oracle.

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