Oracle Fusion Middleware BPA Suite SOA: What is it?

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Oracle Fusion is a very powerful system, and it has a lot of capabilities, which may not be fully maximized by everyone who are not aware of them.

Oracle Fusion is a very powerful system, and it has a lot of capabilities, which may not be fully maximized by everyone who are not aware of them. One of these useful capabilities is the BPA Suite SOA. BPA or Business Process Analysis is one of the most important Oracle Fusion Middlewares. Find out what it really is, read on.

The BPA Suite’s primary task is to help you analyze and evaluate your data. It can evaluate process feasibility and costs. Moreover, it has the capability to take a look at the performance of your processes and your resource usage. BPA can also evaluate your lifecycle, which is very helpful if you are planning to troubleshoot some problems and loopholes in your development system.

How does it work?

When you run BPA’s SOA execution engine, a four-way process can immediately take place. This process can involve the business analyst, the business owner, the process developer and the process participants. Once the execution engine runs, the business analyst can run the Oracle BPA suite to model and analyze. He can also proceed to let the business owner monitor the processes through BAM dashboards. Either way, the analysts can also choose to implement changes through the process developer’s SOA composite editor. Finally, the process participants can manage these processes through the SOA console.

BPM has six different lifecycles: model, simulate, implement, deploy/ execute, monitor and optimize,. These steps can be sifted and analyzed through BPA.

What are its features?

There are new features in BPA suite and Round Trip. These include a faster and more responsive process development and optimization. It also has enhanced interoperability, reusability and comprehensive integration, which greatly enhances its usability, especially for coordinated and collaborative analysis and troubleshooting. Some features that are also included are integration of documents and efficient modeling. Lifecycle management has also become more comprehensive and detailed, which is a great addition for those who need to see more details and those who demand comprehensive reports.


BPMN and BPEL are two distinct model business processes. In a day-to-day application, they have different uses. A BPMN document is a flowchart that represents the whole process from a bird’s eye view, allowing you to look at the bigger picture. On the other hand, a BPEL document looks like an XML source code, with tags and spaces where details may be inserted. BPEL shows how the processes work rather than showing the whole flow of progressions and their interconnections. BPA uses these documents to represent its data.

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