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Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Integrate heterogeneous data in real time

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 Oracle GoldenGate 12c also automatically manages memory transaction.

Businesses nowadays are bombarded with data from all over.  You could get data from your Web site, from the various departments in your company, from mobile apps, and from just about anywhere.  In order for you to take advantage of these data, you will have to bring together all the information you are getting from various sources and take them together.  This is where Oracle GoldenGate 12c comes in.

Oracle GoldenGate 12c is the company’s solution for integrating heterogeneous data in real time.  It also allows you to replicate heterogeneous databases.  Oracle GoldenGate 12c makes sure that you have access to the correct data even in real time, regardless of how voluminous your data is.  This is because you need to access, analyze, then integrate, verify and store transactional data faster than before.

To make it simple, Oracle GoldenGate 12c enables you to access real time information from heterogeneous databases and platforms.

What’s new with Oracle GoldenGate 12c?

It is no secret that when Oracle Database 12c came out, a lot of people were disappointed that the previous version of GoldenGate, 11g, did not really work with the multitenant databases used by Database 12c.  So it is only in October 2013, when GoldenGate 12c was released that people were able to use them with Oracle Database 12c.

So what is new here?  A lot!  Some of the new features of GoldenGate 12c include the following:

1.     Better delivery for both Oracle and non-Oracle databases.  Oracle GoldenGate 12c makes use of a streaming API that allows for better scalability and performance.  It also allowed for fast apply processes and simplifies the set up of delivery for non-Oracle databases.
2.     Improved DDL replication.
3.     Easier to use.  With Oracle GoldenGate 12c, you now have enhanced debugging features and automatic discard file.  You can also use schema wildcards.
4.     More secure.  You can use Oracle GoldenGate 12c with Oracle Wallet and Oracle Credential Store to keep and access usernames and passwords.
5.     More highly available.  You can use Oracle Data Guard and Fast-Start-Fail-Over with Oracle GoldenGate 12c to ensure that you have automated failover in case something goes wrong.

6.     More compatible with existing Oracle technology and applications.

Your data is available all the time!

What’s more, you can also reduce the costs and risks to your IT.  But even so, you get a constant availability of all data you have.  With Oracle GoldenGate 12c, you can expect no downtime during your operations, even during a system upgrade, maintenance and migrations.  You will also have up-to-the-minute backups that you could use for both data protection and disaster recovery.

Data distribution and query while loading are also possible.  This will help ensure that your production systems are all performing better than average.

If you are grappling with the heterogeneous sources you have for your data, then use Oracle GoldenGate 12c.  You can easily gain all these benefits without slowing down your target and source systems.  GoldenGate 12c also automatically manages memory transaction.

Call Four Cornerstone today and use Oracle GoldenGate 12c to your business’ advantage.  We have a team of Oracle experts as well as database specialists who can help you install, deploy and use Oracle GoldenGate 12c!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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